Website X5 Professional 14

For businesses and web agencies

Website X5 Professional 14
For businesses and web agencies
For businesses and web agencies
For businesses and web agencies
For businesses and web agencies
For businesses and web agencies
For businesses and web agencies
For businesses and web agencies
For businesses and web agencies

Unlimited websites. Powerful e-commerce sites. Manage from mobile. All-in-one.

  • Create Responsive websites with up to 10 breakpoints
  • Online stores with credit card payments and coupon/discount management
  • Blogs, Guestbooks and RSS Feeds
  • FeedReady - App on iOS and Android
  • 500 customizabile templates included
  • Up to 10,000 pages
  • 700,000 royalty free images
  • WebSite X5 Manager - App on iOS and Android
  • New! Menu Object
  • New! Backup Manager
  • New! Make your e-commerce powerful and your blog brilliant


For Web Pro Users


WebSite X5 Professional 14 is the right tool for building SEO-ready websites, blogs and online stores with mobile Apps included. Following responsive design, sites can automatically switch and adjust to any device, including tablets and smartphones.

Despite being a step-by-step builder, WebSite X5 Professional has been developed to suit designers' and developers' needs for professional-looking sites and features loads oftools and advanced functions. Pros will get the most out of a tool which is both powerful and easy-to-use, whose benefits are: flexible user experience and customization; fast-paced workflow; up-to-date projects; cost-effective investment.

No hidden costs: no fees or commissions.

WebSite X5 Professional is a desktop software:  with 1 single license you can install it on 2 PCs and create as many websites as you like, for you and your customers.


Drag & Drop. Done 

Thanks to the Drag & Drop editor of WebSite X5, your site pages come to life before your eyes. Drag and drop content to position it: text, images, videos, e-mail forms, maps, social buttons. A blank page is transformed into a site without touching a line of code.



Choose the perfect design

Our program includes 500 free templates, powerful built-in graphic editors and several effects, from Parallax to animated objects. To change you website design you can customize the template, edit images, set menu styles or any other item.


First-class Online Stores 

Experience an online shopping cart perfectly combined to your website with full control of the buying process.  Create your product catalogue, define shipment and payment methods, activate promos and coupons, customize checkout, manage orders and product availability from a powerful online control panel.


100% Mobile-friendly

Allow users to surf your site from mobile devices and perform common tasks from smartphone or tablet by setting the complete responsive functions. Use the Responsive Bar to design your template, set breakpoints and organize your content depending on screen resolution. And with the Professional version apps, you can even manage websites and blogs from mobile.

Blogging & Social

In one software you have everything you need to grow online without spending extra in ads. You can start a personal blog or add it into your site. Schedule posts so you can focus on your business and share your experience quickly with social buttons. Plus, with the WebSite X5 Professional FeedReady app, users never miss a thing.


SEO and Analytics 

The HTML5 code and CSS generated by WebSite X5 gets your site indexed quickly. So you'll be easy to find on Google, Bing and other search engines. To optimize the entire site, fill in the title and description of your pages and set the title tag with the new Object Title feature. Don't worry about SiteMap, robots.txt and rich-snippets for product sheets: WebSite X5 creates them automatically. SEO optimization has never been so simple. In addition, for an overview of your website data, use the new Analytics within WebSite X5 or easily integrate Google Analytics into your site.


Privacy, Security and Site Management

To comply the Privacy and Cookie Law you can simply add the banner with the data required directly from within the software. You also have a functional Online Control Panel to access all the data in your websites: visitor statistics, orders and payments in your online store, comments on your blog pages. And with the free WebSite X5 Manager app for iOS and Android you can control the activity of your sites even from smartphones and tablets.



The 5 steps Back to the top

Create your Website in 5 Steps

You don’t need to code when creating your website with WebSite X5 Professional: all you need is a mouse!

It’s easy. Follow these five simple steps to make your website online in a snap:

1. Set up your project

First, name your project and add a description. Then ask yourself what kind of site you want to create. You can choose to power up your website with a blogor a web shopping cart, you may want to set up a multilanguage site, manage user registration and so on. Your website is a few clicks away.


2. Pick up template

A high-quality design is essential to be successful online. you can start with one of the 500 graphic templates available or simply create a template from scratch. Use the built-in editor to add your logo, text, image galleries, graphic effects and anything else you want to customize your template.


3.Organize your website

Creating your website structure is easy. You just need to add pages and organize them in levels. Change your website map any time you want: SiteMap and navigation menus will be updated automatically.


4.Create pages

Now it’s time for content editing. Drag&Drop content to edit pages. You can add text, images, galleries, animations, videos, create e-mail forms, search fields,product catalogues, maps or use many other Apps for editing fresh content. And everything is done using a visual editor.



5.Publish your website

To publish your website online you just have to upload via the built-in FTP Client Engine. The FTP Engine supports secure connections and helps you save time by working with multiple connections and publishing only modified web pages. Done! You're only one click away from informing Google and your social media contacts that your website is online. The FTP Engine supports secure connections and helps you save time by working with multiple connections and publishing only modified web pages. Done! You’re only one click away to inform  Google and your social media contacts of your website online presence.

What's new in version 14? Back to the top

1 - Usuability

Improved: The 5 steps

The 5-step procedure is even more intuitive. For example, you can now choose a template before starting a new project, and you don't have to change the default template. Getting off to a good start makes all the rest more straightforward.

New: Multiple choice

The template editor now has multiple choice, a magnetized grid-based layout and commands for placing and lining up Objects: essential tools for creating professional headers and footers. From now on, managing different mobile views will be even easier.

New: Backup Manager

Your work is precious, so don't risk losing it. From now on you'll be notified when it's time to make a backup copy and you can also set the system to automatically delete old backups. Safeguarding your work is much easier now and the advantages are clear.


2 - Graphics

New: Menu Object

One of the main new features in version 14 is that the navigation menu has become an Object. Now you can add it both to a template and into your site pages according to needs. The list of page links is still generated automatically according to the Sitemap, but now you can also:

  • place the menu where you want: the template structure has been simplified and you can try out new solutions,

  • set the menu style in the various responsive viewports,

  • customize the Sticky Bar design (the menu bar that appears when scrolling).

In addition to all this, with new styles and special mouseover effects, you can give your menus the look you want them to have: we bet you'll love it!


New: Default templates

Start your new project with a template that suits you and perfectly matches your business. The default template gallery has been modernized and 200 of the older templates have been replaced with new, eye catching designs. The new templates are up-to-the-minute and in line with the latest trends, to guarantee a top-quality website.


Improved: Showbox window

Add a link and use the showbox to display an enlarged picture, a video or a slideshow. Our showbox now has new graphics and a close-up feature has been added, while options such as full screen, transitions and thumbnails now appear in all the places where the showbox is used. You can use the showbox to zoom in on a photo and focus on important details. This is ideal for your online store!

New: Parallax and Row Formats

Full-width rows and parallax effect are now top web design trends.Try out the new parallax effects and add videos, slideshows and maps to rows, as well as color and pictures. Complete your work with the new Overlay effect and the result will be a dynamic and striking page, which will hold your visitors' attention.

New: Web Fonts

The readability and visual impact of a web page depends largely on the choice of the font, so choose carefully! Web fonts are now linked directly to your project so you can download the best Google fonts to use in your website without leaving the program.

New: E-mail form style

E-mail forms are an important part of a web page: they must be attractive, yet functional, to encourage visitors to make contact. New graphic options mean you can further improve the appearance of fields and buttons, to create forms that match your website style seamlessly. 


3- Make your e-commerce powerful and your blog brilliant:

E-commerce is growing: more and more people buy online and this means increased revenues. Make your online store look its best: pay attention to detail, reduce friction and optimize the processes. You'll have everything under control with the new features we've added.

 User management and customer registration

Let your users register and create an account with their first purchase. When they buy again, they can log in without having to repeat their invoice and delivery details.


New: New Order List Object

Now you can ask customers to register to your store, set up a private area where each user can see their list of orders and check on their progress.


New: New graphics for the Product List Object

You can create a catalog in just a few clicks, with the Product List Object. And with the new graphic options, the product cards will be even more attractive and inviting. Showing your goods at their best is the first step towards increasing your sales.


New: Exporting customer data

It only takes a click to export the list of customers registered on your website to a CSV file. If you do this, it will be easier to organize your advertising campaigns and send e-mails to your customers.


A blog is the ideal way to get yourself known and explain what you do. It's also a great way to rank high with search engines: Google rewards fresh, good quality content. Get your blog started now, if you haven't already done so: with all the new features we've added, it's easy and fun to do.

New: A new look and organization

if you're thinking about starting a blog or an e-magazine, with a tiled layout, now you can do it. We've rearranged the window with Blog features in it and we've added lots of new graphic options:

  • Home page: this is the first page of your blog, where all the latest posts are shown. Now, you can decide how it should look: each post has a cover picture and a presentation title. You can define the size, position and page layout.

  • Post page: you can customize the post page even more now, and the side bar can scroll so that it always remains in the foreground.

  • Important posts: you can choose whether to display important posts as titles or display them into a slideshow.


New: Comment management

You can now use Facebook or Disqus to manage comments in your blog or guestbook in the Evolution edition too!

System Requirements Back to the top
Version 14
Platform Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

2 GB RAM - Min. Screen Resolution 1024 x 600