TrackOFF Elite

Browse the internet by protecting your data and your privacy

TrackOFF Elite
Browse the internet by protecting your data and your privacy
Browse the internet by protecting your data and your privacy
Browse the internet by protecting your data and your privacy
Browse the internet by protecting your data and your privacy
Browse the internet by protecting your data and your privacy
Browse the internet by protecting your data and your privacy

  • Online identity theft protection

  • Anonymous browsing with one-click

  • Keep your browsing history private

  • Stop ads from following you


We won't collect or share your data 

Trackers collecting a lot of informations about your activities, your family or your purchases. They use cookies, fingerprints, and IP's to monitor everything you do online.

However, 90% of consumers are worried about their online privacy, and a majority desire tools to protect their identity and personal data.

TrackOFF is a specific and powerful software which avoid trackers to collect your informations and protect your datas. It uses a lot of technologies as:

  • The private search

  • anti-fingerprinting technology

  • Add block system

  • Cutting-edge cookie removal

  • Real-Time notifications

And many more methods to fight against trackers... 
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TrackOFF is software that uses state-of-the-art technology to protect your privacy from the newest online tracking threats:

TrackOFF protects your identity & private data by combining proactive protection (shielding your information while you browse the web), retroactive protection (allowing you to clear your web browsing history & advanced super-cookies), and real-time protection (masking your fingerprint, IP address, and location).  


Proactive protection stops your personal information from being collected by trackers while you browse the web. It also encrypts your browsing so you can surf the web or connect to public Wi-Fi with peace of mind. 


Retroactive protection removes traces of your web browsing history from your PC, so others can’t see where you’ve been.

TrackOFF is the Swiss Army Knife of Privacy Tools

TrackOFF has you covered

  • Identity theft protection

Your computer has unique fingerprints used to identify & track you. TrackOFF works like a glove that protects them.


  • Shield your Internet browsing history from prying eyes

Hard-to-remove tracking cookies tell the story of who you are and where you've been. TrackOFF blasts them away in seconds.


  • Avoid being tracked

Ever wonder who's watching you online? TrackOFF shows each website trying to follow you.


  • Private Search

Your search queries are monitored and shared on normal search engines. TrackOFF's private search lets you perform searches without anyone watching.

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Anonymous browsing with one-click

Encryption is complicated, but with TrackOFF you can enable anonymous encrypted browsing for tasks like online banking.


Mask your location

Your computer’s “IP Address” helps the government & hackers find your exact location. TrackOFF’s VPN encrypted browsing stops them.

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TrackOFF's technology is the only fingerprint-based tracking protection that doesn't disrupt the user's browsing experience. 

“Fingerprinting” refers to methods used to capture information associated with a computer's hardware & software and link the data to a person's identity. The use of fingerprinting has exploded in recent years, and researchers predict it will soon replace cookies as the primary mode of online tracking.

The addition of anti-fingerprinting technology allows us to offer users 360° privacy.

  • How does TrackOFF prevent fingerprint tracking?

At random time intervals, TrackOFF injects spurious information into the datasets of browser & OS attributes that are targeted by fingerprinting scripts.

  • How does TrackOFF detect tracking attempts?

TrackOFF relies on a set of heuristics to identify known fingerprinting methods in scripts operating on websites. As the user browses the web, alerts may be displayed via system tray notifications or within the application.

How are you being tracked online?  

Three main methods are currently used to track you online: 

1. Digital Fingerprints – Information about computer & web browser is linked to your identity, so websites know who you are without you ever having to log in to the website. Using this method, you are tracked across all websites you visit without your knowledge or consent.  

2. Cookies – Cookies are files placed on your browser by websites that can be used to uniquely identify you and maintain a history of what you do online. 

3. IP Addresses – Websites can easily tell where you’re browsing from by capturing your IP address, an identifier given to you by your Internet service provider. You can shield your IP address by using a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, to encrypt your Internet traffic. This also prevents hackers from capturing your wireless activities and Internet service providers from collecting and selling your web history.  


What happens when you’re tracked and your private data is collected?    

• A profile about your Internet browsing habits may be created with information revealing details about your likes and dislikes, political and religious affiliation, your medical and financial history, and much more.  

• These profiles may be bought and sold (legally or illegally), and may be used or abused for reasons ranging from displaying targeted advertisements to identity theft. 


How does TrackOFF work? 

• TrackOFF blocks third parties from linking your identity to your computer. It’s the only software that safeguards your “digital fingerprint” from being collected while you surf the web on your favorite web browser.  

• TrackOFF also erases files on your computer that contain sensitive information about the websites that you visit.  

• TrackOFF allows you to perform searches without having your information stored, shared, or sold.  

• TrackOFF uses military-grade encryption to shield your IP address and protect your Internet traffic from being intercepted by hackers, ID thieves, or your Internet service provider.  


How do you know TrackOFF is working? 

• TrackOFF alerts you to the websites using invisible programs to identify you and collect your sensitive data. You’ll be shocked by the number of websites that attempt to track your Internet browsing habits. 

• You can also reference the TrackOFF Dashboard, which gives you a quick snapshot of the state of your online privacy. It shows you which websites are tracking you the most, and keeps tally of total tracking attempts blocked, the number of cookies accumulated, and when browsing history was last cleaned. 

• You can look at your unique Digital Privacy Score, calculated by the configuration of your privacy protection settings. The unique score shows how well your online privacy is being protected. For example, the websites you whitelist, the lower your score. The Reports tab in the application further breaks down how your score is calculated, and tells you what can be done to improve it.

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Platform Windows XP, Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • 1 Year License