System Mechanic 17.5

The Most Advanced Approach to Maximum PC Performance™

System Mechanic 17.5
The Most Advanced Approach to Maximum PC Performance™
The Most Advanced Approach to Maximum PC Performance™
The Most Advanced Approach to Maximum PC Performance™
The Most Advanced Approach to Maximum PC Performance™
The Most Advanced Approach to Maximum PC Performance™
The Most Advanced Approach to Maximum PC Performance™
The Most Advanced Approach to Maximum PC Performance™
The Most Advanced Approach to Maximum PC Performance™
The Most Advanced Approach to Maximum PC Performance™
The Most Advanced Approach to Maximum PC Performance™
The Most Advanced Approach to Maximum PC Performance™
The Most Advanced Approach to Maximum PC Performance™

  • 1- Download iolo System Mechanic CheckUp for free
  • 2- Analyse your computer system and identify errors
  • 3- System Mechanic safely and automatically finds and fixes computer problems created by regular, everyday use
  • NEW! Super Definitions database - program classification system
  • NEW! re-designed Startup Optimizer
  • IMPROVED! NetBooster™ lets you apply specific broadband settings for streaming, gaming...
  • IMPROVED! ActiveCare® offers far more granular control over how Windows and internet junk are removed. 


Your PC is slow ... and you do not know what to do?

  • Unexplained errors and crashes?
  • Difficulties to load websites or videos?
  • Slow start and launch programs?

System Mechanic is the solution to clean up your PC:

  • Performs a 229-point Diagnostic Computer Inspection
  • Automatically fixes 36,000+ different types of problems and errors
  • Boosts PC start time and web speed up to 300% with 12 exclusive methods
  • Restores original performance of your PC
Overview of key features Back to the top

System Mechanic is the world’s No.1 best-selling, award-winning computer performance software, with over 45 million users worldwide, hundreds of 5-Star and Editor’s Choice accolades, and countless independent lab certifications since 1998.

1/ Boosts Speed
PCs slow down over time due to everyday use. Simple tasks that used to take minutes now feel like they take hours.

  • Startup Optimizer™ accelerates boot time up to 800%
  • AcceleWrite™ optimises file writes for both hard disks and SSDs
  • OptiCore™ maximises CPU responsiveness
  • Program Accelerator™ turbocharges program speeds
  • RAMJet™ tunes RAM for ultimate performance

2/ Repairs Problems
With normal everyday use, PCs can accumulate problems that cause annoying errors, crashes, and freezes.

  • Drive Medic™ fixes hard drive errors to protect your data from corruption and loss
  • Disaster Recovery Tools save the day if your PC won’t start
  • Internet Connection Repair™ fixes faulty connections and optimises for peak speeds
  • Stability Guard™ intercepts stability threats
  • Core Data Recalibrator™ detects and repairs corruption within the Windows

3/ Cleans Up Clutter
Without regular cleaning, PCs are plagued by gigabytes of junk that waste precious drive space and memory.

  • Junk File Sweep finds useless files and frees gigabytes of wasted space
  • Internet Cleanup clears web clutter and boosts online speeds up to 300%
  • CRUDD Remover™ eliminates system drag by pinpointing programs that tax your system
  • Duplicate File Inspector™ finds and removes unused duplicate files and programs

4/ Plugs Security Holes
Security flaws that an antivirus overlooks let hackers gain access to your PC, resulting in financial damage and data loss.

  • Security Optimizer™ finds and plugs security holes antivirus products miss
  • System Guard™ blocks unauthorised startup programs and configuration changes
  • Registry Backup lets you roll back to a safe state if Windows is corrupted
  • Tune-Up Definitions™ warn you about any dangerous programs on your computer


What’s new in System Mechanic 17.5? Back to the top

One of the biggest causes of PC performance drain in the latest Windows updates is unnecessary bloatware running without user knowledge along with apps getting smuggled into the startup process as well ("pre-launched").

New in Version 17.5:

System Mechanic introduces Super Definitions™, a highly refined and vastly expanded new version of innovative program classification system—a major new evolution in the proprietary technology formerly known as Tune-up Definitions™—to discover and thwart unnecessary startup programs and background bloatware that are the biggest causes of PC slowdown in the modern Windows® era. 

Enhanced Super Definitions™ database of over 40,000 programs and processes is now in its Second Generation:

  • The further refined database now identifies and classifies all scheduled tasks, not just those that launch at startup.

  • The classification system is now benefiting from an expanded iolo Labs research arm, to find more types of programs to analyze and classify.

  • These additions empower System Mechanic to even better sort the newest apps, tasks and services that tax the system by running in the background constantly without your knowledge.

Improvements in Version 17.5:

Startup Optimizer™ leverages these new Super Definitions to alert you to more types of unwanted startup items and constantly running tasks and services, and allows you full control over which non-critical ones to leave turned on and which you want disabled.

Key improvements to Startup Optimizer include:

  • More Community Recommendations have been added to advise you on what the majority of other users are turning on or off.
  • As computers become more powerful, more of these unwanted apps and processes get smuggled into the startup process.

  • It’s critical to have up-to-date, comprehensive and accurate identification and classification of these items to safely disable them for faster overall computing.

  • Paring down startup items and pre-launched apps speeds up RAM, CPU, graphics, hard drive and more.

Enhanced Product Recommendations now appearing in the scan results include easy access to the free versions of two new iolo products:

Privacy Guardian Free online tracking and digital fingerprinting detection


ByePass Free secure password manager


Additional Enhancements in version 17.5:

  • Enhanced Quicksilver High-Performance Platform™ finds whole new categories of issues and problems within Windows that are ripe for optimization.

  • Enhanced ActiveCare® offers far more granular control over how Windows and internet junk are removed. Now you can individually choose whether to clean expired browser cookies, cache files, clipboard items, five different types of temp files, and much more.  

  • Enhanced Privacy Shield™ now also disables broadband-hogging Windows Update Delivery Optimization to further prevent internet slowdown.

  • Enhanced NetBooster™ lets you apply specific broadband settings for streaming, gaming and more.

In the modern Windows era, new System Mechanic 17.5 finds and eliminates both the well-known and obscure, newly discovered offenders that burden the system unnecessarily, from file clutter and disk fragmentation to needlessly running background apps and trapped memory, to supercharge today’s machines and maximize your Windows experience.

Product Features Back to the top

LiveBoost™ Technology

The ability of a computer to respond quickly to the operating system and the programs it runs is based on a critical triangle of components: The Central Processing Unit (CPU), RAM and the Storage Drive. If performance at any point on this triangle is impeded, the entire triangle is affected and your computer develops sporadic lags and glitches. LiveBoost™ Technology opens the door to “performance at the speed of thought”, even though today’s programs and applications try to aggressively monopolise your computer.

OptiCore™ – Unleashes full CPU power for your real-time demands.
OptiCore is new technology that spots and contains greedy programs and ends the conflict between your needs and what the operating system needs. OptiCore is optimised for single, dual, quad, 6 and 8 core PCs and reduces lag on Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista and XP. 

RAMJet™ – Instantly releases trapped memory just when you need it.
RAMJet™ automatically recovers trapped memory in real time and helps ensure your PC stays responsive to your multitasking needs.

AcceleWrite™ – Optimises file organisation on both solid state drives (SSD) and traditional hard disk drives (HDD).
Working deep inside the Windows operating system, AcceleWrite™ increases the efficiency of how files are written to the drive. By minimising the random writing of data, AcceleWrite increases overall system performance and largely reduces or eliminates the need to perform secondary file optimisation (such as disk defragmentation), saving your system time and energy resources and helping prolong the life of your PC.

Core Data Recalibrator™
Modern versions of Windows depend on a central communication system that allows software and hardware to exchange critical information before making decisions. Because of its complexity, it is prone to various levels of corruption over time—which can result in a variety of problems.

Core Data Recalibrator, a unique technology premiering in System Mechanic 17.5, automatically corrects Windows information corruption. It accurately detects and automatically repairs these problems before they can destabilise a system, keeping Windows and all of your software, apps, and connected devices working in unison so they never miss a beat and your PC is always ready for action.

Stability Guard™
Stability Guard  proactively intercepts threats to system stability by automatically watching for rogue programs and unauthorised configuration changes that reduce system stability. It uses complex algorithms to track and correlate the root causes of freezes, hangs, crashes, errors, and restarts.

It also provides a revolutionary at-a-glance view of PC reliability over time, as well as the specific programs and system changes that affect it.

CRUDD Remover™
Now greatly enhanced to detect even more “Commonly Redundant or Unnecessary Decelerators and Destabilizers”, CRUDD Remover’s expert intelligence takes the hassle and guesswork out of finding, classifying, and presenting them all, so you can choose to remove unnecessary software bloat.

Tune-up Definitions™
Tune-up Definitions™ allow System Mechanic to individually tailor its diagnosis, repair, and optimisation tools for each unique PC configuration, providing personalised solutions to emerging performance threats using ActiveCare technology. System Mechanic is now fueled by well over 36,000 independently identified solutions to common issues that arise from everyday use. This makes all the tools and functions that rely on this crucial data more effective than ever before.

New real-time technology that optimises file organisation on both solid state drives (SSD) and traditional hard disk drives (HDD).

Working deep inside the Windows operating system, it minimises the degree that a new file, or changes to existing files, will be stored inefficiently. By minimising the random writing of data, AcceleWrite increases overall system..

Startup Optimizer™
Start Windows significantly faster by eliminating unneeded or hazardous start up programs safely. Startup Optimizer is now expanded and even more simplified.

Now it’s easier than ever to identify and root out unwanted programs that silently leach horsepower from startup and other high priority activities.

Patented ActiveCare® Technology (US Pat 7,873,877)
ActiveCare is now easier than ever to configure, with setup profiles that allow you to apply one-click maintenance options to your entire PC without the guesswork. System Mechanic’s exclusive idle-time optimisation kicks in when your PC isn’t being used and releases full control when you return.

Program Accelerator™
Speeds up overall program responsiveness by re-aligning all of a program’s dependent files on the hard drive.

The problem: program misalignment can be a major cause of system slowdown created by errant Windows and software updates. It leads to progressively slower program launch and responsiveness as dependent files become scattered all over the hard drive.

Program Accelerator’s unique patent-pending technology adds sophistication to enhance defrag tools, such as DriveAccelerator™, and move related files back together.

Program Accelerator jump-starts your sluggish programs by fully re-aligning your whole PC file system.

Boost speed by turning off unused background programs.

Perfect for gamers, video and sound engineers, artists, web designers… or any serious computer user who requires an instant shot of raw, fast, focused performance.

Total Registry Revitalizer™
Repair, compact, defragment, and backup your Windows registry in one step.

Integrates all of System Mechanic’s powerful registry tools to provide complete and seamless all-in-one care for the Windows registry, safely performing the entire battery of critical repair, maintenance, and optimisation procedures in one step. This tool also leverages System Mechanic’s technology with more effective problem-detection, improved overall speed and efficiency of scans, and enhanced reporting that provides more detailed scope of errors.

All-in-one PC Cleanup PowerTool™
All-in-One PC Cleanup has been greatly enhanced with additional junk file patterns, new ways of detecting and removing insidious system clutter, and improved scan speeds.

  • Removes new file patterns exclusive to Windows 10, 8, Windows 7, Vista, and XP
  • Removes clutter from all major web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera
  • Removes clutter from all major online chat programs, such as AIM, Skype, Yahoo!, MSN, and more
  • Removes clutter from all major web toolbars, such as Google, Yahoo!, and more

PC Health Status App
Designed exclusively for the Windows 10 entitled user interface, the PC Health Status App lets you keep track of your system efficiency and health status at a glance.

Both the app and gadget include a running list of recently performed repairs and optimisations, and offers quick access to commonly used tools, such as Memory Mechanic® and the new EnergyBooster™.

Incinerator® for Recycle Bin
Permanently wipes files in the Windows Recycle Bin, so they can never be recovered.

Incinerator® technology is now integrated into the Windows Recycle Bin, providing you with the choice of standard file deletion or the Department of Defense 5220-22M compliant technique for maximum security when emptying the Recycle Bin.

System Mechanic Jump List
The System Mechanic Jump List gives you instant access to frequently needed information and features, such as system status, Memory Mechanic®, Energy Booster™, and more. The latest version allows you to launch a full scan and repair straight from your desktop.

Memory Mechanic®
Instantly defragments RAM and liberates resources held captive by memory leaks.System Mechanic’s Memory Defragmentation tool is designed not only to reassemble your RAM into a neat, contiguous order for significant performance gains, but also to hunt down and release all of the resources held captive by memory leaks within sloppy programs.

Privacy Cleaner™
At your command, securely wipes away all traces of personal and confidential computer activity you specify.

Better than simply clearing the cache, it uses military-grade Incinerator® data shredding technology to safely and permanently whisk away the trail of activity left in over 45 locations by Windows, web browsers, media players, and more.

Now with dozens of additional cleanup targets including all major web browsers and chat clients.

Smarter Boot-Time Tune-ups
Some of the most important Windows system files are locked by Windows and can never be defragmented using conventional defragmenting tools, but System Mechanic’s Boot-Time Defragmentation can defragment these special files conveniently before Windows loads.

Now, all of System Mechanic’s boot-time operations come with a series of prompts and options that offer you increased control in order to avoid inopportune delays while starting up the PC.

Plus, hundreds of overall universal improvements for dramatically improved speed

A multitude of improvements, enhancements, stability augmentations and general fixes have been incorporated into version 12 for the most effective and reliable performance optimisation product to date.

Designated Drivers™

Keeps your PC running swiftly and stably by automatically installing critical driver updates.

Designated Drivers™–lets you update all of your PC’s drivers with just one click, now making driver updates a painless process. Designated Drivers is the only tool of its kind to exclusively use Microsoft-approved driver updates, which have gone through two rounds of quality assurance testing to ensure the updates are safe, reliable, and broadly compatible.

Unlimited PCs – Whole Home License®

Many homes have multiple computers, and trying to keep track of the number of software license activations allowed across all machines can become complicated and frustrating, as well as costly.

Whole Home License® lets you install System Mechanic on all your home PCs at no extra cost.

Internet Connection Repair
System Mechanic’s new Internet Connection Repair technology detects bad connections and uses a regimen of proprietary technology to not only repair and reconnect your computer, but also help ensure the connection is as clean, fast, and reliable as possible.


Fully refreshed for even faster overall performance Redesigned to work in full concert with the new Program Accelerator™ and AcceleWrite® Uses ultra-secure double-data security techniques to fully safe-guard your important files Fully incorporates Windows SuperFetch updates resulting in even faster Windows startup

Guided Recommendations™

Guided Recommendations fuses together three powerful technologies; Tune-up Definitions™, TrueImpact™ and the collective intelligence of the System Mechanic community to provide guidance on removing additional hidden programs that can bottleneck your PC performance. These collective recommendations, along with detailed descriptions and the impact measurement of each of these programs, gives you the power and to make at-a-glance decisions about how to make your computer faster and more efficient than ever before possible—all in just a few clicks.

SSD Accelerator™

Streamlines, optimises, and prolongs the life of modern solid-state drives, keeping them running at peak performance.

SSD Accelerator™ proactively optimises solid state drives to keep them running at the peak of speed and efficiency. SSD Accelerator has also been designed to work together with System Mechanic’s other drive optimisation tools such as AcceleWrite and ActiveCare technology in order to ensure that all of your data storage drives are automatically optimised for maximum performance and longevity on a regular basis.

NetBooster® 2.0

  • Designed for today’s critical need for top Internet speed
  • Deploys automatic TCP/IP optimisation on under-performing Windows settings unearthed in Windows XP through Windows 10
  • Ingeniously locates fastest DNS server in your area and lets you click to connect


  • Frees your PC from “average” by auto-switching power, processor and program settings hidden deep within Windows
  • Delivers maximum extremes of raw speed or system stamina right when you need them
  • Ships with PowerSense Modes that trigger whenever you launch your favorite task-related software such as a video editing program or gaming client
  • Now you can create your own customised versions of these app-specific modes3

 System Tray Controls

  • Launch LiveBoost™ options and overview right from the desktop
  • Toggle PowerSense Modes right from the desktop

DriveSense Early Warning

  • DriveSense™ helps you avoid catastrophic crashes with diagnostics that recognise both old and new drive types
  • Now alerts you when it detects early signs of potential drive failure so you can better protect precious data

Advanced cleaning and repair

  • Rids your PC of junk files and broken shortcuts
  • Removes Internet clutter and temporary files
  • Selectively removes browsing history and obsolete instant messaging data
  • Defrags, compacts, optimises and backs up system registry
  • Locates system-clogging redundant programs and uninstalls upon request
  • Improves boot time by preventing unnecessary bloatware from launching at startup

Privacy Shield

Windows® users increasingly concerned about the involuntary collection of their personal information will find the new Privacy Shield suite of tools a valuable addition to new System Mechanic® 17.5.

Privacy Shield introduces a host of options for managing Windows 10 privacy features from one convenient location in System Mechanic.

Privacy Shield’s easy-to-use wizard allows you to disable Windows features that may compromise your privacy, including those that can share your Wi-Fi network connections with your contacts and collect information regarding your browsing habits, program usage, and more.

In Windows 10, these include Microsoft Data Collection and Telemetry Services, the Wi-Fi Sense Service, and the SmartScreen Service.

Turbocharges app performance

Faster processor

Maximises 100% of core processor power when you begin a system-taxing operation such as; gaming, programming, graphic design or multimedia task. Also finds and scales back resource-hogging programs that can slow you down.

Unleashes Internet speed

Greatly improves a whole cache of under-performing Windows Internet settings hidden to most users, for the very smoothest streaming, gaming or browsing available through your network.

Boosts available RAM

Discovers memory trapped by applications that are no longer using it, and frees it up for the apps that need it.

Increases drive speed

Stores data to hard disk in contiguous batches, over time preventing hundreds of thousands of file fragments and making the read/write process much faster.


  • LiveBoost™ - Fully integrated into main product menu 

  • Enhanced Registry Tuner™ 

  • Easier Multi-PC Install 

  • Optimises Windows 10

  • Covers all your PCs with FREE Whole Home License®

How does it work? Back to the top
Startup slowdown
Too many programs to run at startup Startup OptimizerTM only loads essential startup programs
Fragmentation of system files Drive AccelmeratorTM stabilises important files before starting
System slowdown
Decrease of available memory Memory MechanicTM gathers memory and frees
Redundant installed programs CRUDD RemoverTM detects and removes unwanted programs
Errors in Windows registry Registry TunerTM cleans and repairs the registry
Overcrowding of the registry Registry CompactorTM defragments and compacts the registry
System file fragmentation Drive AcceleratorTM defragments the hard drive and reorganises scattered files
Web browsing slowdown
Incorrect Internet setup NetBoosterTM optimises Internet setup
Hard drive and programs slowdown
Cumulation of junk files PC CleanupTM safely removes all unnecessary files
Misalignment of programs Program AcceleratorTM aligns applications and improves their performance.
Degradation of SSD storage capacity
Overcrowding of the memory on Solid State Drive SSD Ac
Comparison Chart Back to the top
System Mechanic®
System Mechanic® Pro 59.94$
Repairs Problems
Cleans and defragments the Windows Registry [RegTuner™]
Automatically correct network settings to get PCs back online [Internet Connection Repair™]
Reconnects broken icons and shortcuts [Shortcut Repair]
Built-in, regularly updated knowledge to diagnoses & fixes over 27,000 different PC problems automatically [Tune-up Definitions™]
Recovers unstable or crashing PCs [System Troubleshooter™]
Repairs Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) corruption and stability issues [Core Data Recalibrator™]
Fixes hard drive errors to protect your data [Drive Medic™]
Set-and-forget patented technology proactively keeps PCs running at peak performance [ActiveCare®]
Recover accidentally deleted files [Search and Recover] -
Boosts Speed
Reclaims wasted RAM in real time [RAMjet™]
Classifies start up program impact to system and provides user means to manually alter behavior [Startup Manager]
Checks for and automatically removes over 20,000 different types of startup bottlenecks [Startup Optimizer™]
Optimizes file writes for SSD and HDD performance [AcceleWrite]
Dynamically adjusts system resources to maximize process priority of in-use applications
Defragments all volumes on a PC. Also includes individual-file, and advanced low-level system-file defrag [Drive Accelerator™]
Boosts Internet speeds up to 300% [NetBooster™]
Re-aligns scattered program files using patent-pending technology [Program Accelerator™]
Optimizes congested Solid State Drives [SSD Accelerator™]
Removes registry bloat to free up RAM [Registry Compactor™]
Turns off unused background programs and processes. Critical for gamers and when maximum PC power is needed [Energy Booster™] oui
Detects and removes redundant and unnecessary programs [CRUDD Remover™]
Keeps PC’s device drivers fully up-to-date [Designated Drivers™] oui
Removes invalid uninstallers, hard to remove programs, and botched or damaged installations [Advanced Uninstaller™]
Cleans-up and Protects
System clutter removal [Junk File Finder™]
Internet clutter removal [PC Cleanup™]
Fixes faulty settings to stop intruder attacks [Security Optimizer™]
Blocks dangerous programs and system changes [System Guard®]
Creates backup copies of Registry hives [Registry Backup] oui
Protect privacy by erasing browsing and search history, cookies, chat transcripts and more [Privacy Cleaner]
Find duplicate files that may be unnecessarily taking up space [Duplicate File Inspector™] oui
Create Windows Restore Points to allow for reversal of actions
Permanently delete selected files or folders [Incinerator®]
Anti-Virus -
Anti-Spyware -
File and folder level data encryption -
Wipe entire drives/PCs [Drive Scrubber] -
Wipe free space on a drive -
Monitors hard drive status (SMART) [DriveSense™]  
Performs 229-point software diagnostic computer inspection  
Display system reliability graphics [Stability Guard™]  
Test and analyze the speed of internet downloads [NetSpeed Analyzer™]  
Track changes to PCs after performing system-modifying actions such as installations [System Change Tracker™]  
Comprehensive hardware and software inventory reports [Advanced System Information]  
System Requirements Back to the top
Version 17.5
Platform Windows 7, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit, Windows 8 32-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Any PC, Laptop, or Netbook/Mini running Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, or XP SP3 (32 or 64 bit)
  • CD or DVD drive (for CD installation)
  • 256 MB RAM; 30 MB available disk space
  • Internet connection for license authentication