Stellar Phoenix File Wipe Windows

Wipes the selected data from any Windows OS based hard drive..

Stellar Phoenix File Wipe Windows
Wipes the selected data from any Windows OS based hard drive..
Wipes the selected data from any Windows OS based hard drive..
Wipes the selected data from any Windows OS based hard drive..
Wipes the selected data from any Windows OS based hard drive..

  • Wipes files from the hard drive and other storage media leaving no possibility of recovery
  • Wipes unused and slack space from the hard drive
  • Wipes traces of various email and news applications
  • Wipes Internet Activity data from various Web browsers and chat messengers thereby enhancing user privacy and system performance
  • Allows to define lists to perform the wipe tasks for a group of files in a single action
  • Lets you select the wiping algorithm from a list of 12 different algorithms with varying wiping abilities


Stellar Wipe deletes selected files and folders, cleans unused space and drive on the hard disk, and removes Internet and system traces. The file eraser software allows you to chose amongst various wipe algorithms, which are safe and comply to US Government DoD standards.

Stellar Wipe provides you various wiping options to wipe item(s) and configure the software functioning, categorized under 'Wipe', 'Wipe Settings', and 'Advance'.

This file eraser from Stellaris an absolutely safe utility that does not hamper system settings or files while wiping the selected files or components. Few other striking features of this software are:

Wipes unused space from the system hard drive to ward off any possibility of recovering the deleted confidential files

  • Wipes slack space to increase confidentiality and enhance privacy
  • Erases all traces of system activity to remove critical and private data
  • Wipes traces of the installed applications and Web browser data including form fills, passwords, cookies, etc
  • Supports drive wipe for all major applications such as chat messengers, email & news applications, and Web browsers, etc
  • Allows you to choose the wipe algorithms from a list of 12 internationally acclaimed algorithms of varying wipe capabilities
  • Allows you to define the wipe operations at a particular date and time
  • Enables you to create wipe list in which you can choose the files and/or folders that need to be wiped frequently
  • Creates a log report of the wipe operations that can be saved and viewed in a text editor like Notepad
  • Allows you to upgrade the software version with the latest definitions over the Internet
  • Supports wiping in various Windows operating systems including Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, 2000, and NT4(SP6)


  • Unused space : This option allows you to erase every trace of the existing data present on the unused space of your drive. This further lets you to select the target drive and erase file traces.
  • Entire Drive : Using this option, you can sanitize the selected drive and remove all its data including the file system.
  • Application Traces : You can wipe all the information that your computer stores while using an application. You may particularly need this option to prevent information misuse, in case you share your computer with others.
  • Internet Activity : This option enables you to remove every evidence of all Internet activities, like cookies, temporary Internet files, autocompleted forms and passwords, typed URL's etc.
  • System Traces : This option is used to erase every trace of the System activities. This helps you maintain the confidentiality of the system files that were opened or run recently.

Wipe Settings

  • Manage Wipe List : This option allows you to create and manage a list of files or folders to wipe at a time. You can select any number of files or folders from a folder or drive to run the wipe process.
  • Set Scheduler : You can use this option to schedule the wipe task, . The 'Set Scheduler' option allows you to set the date and time for the next wipe task. You can also schedule a wipe task daily, at start of a month or everyday at a particular time, etc. The wipe data process can be scheduled at each reboot as well.
  • Set Wiping Algorithms : An algorithm is a method used by the software to wipe off the data. This option enables you to choose amongst several wiping algorithms available such as Zeroes, Pseudo random, DoD 5220.22-M, Russian Standard – GOST, B.schneier's algorithm, German Standard, VSITR, etc.

Advance features

  • Wipe Slack Space : Slack space is the left over or unused space. With the help of this option, you can wipe off the slack space on the hard disk, without leaving any trace of data.

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Version 1
Platform Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows 7

OS: Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, and 2000
Processor: Pentium Class