Prayaya V3

Portable Virtual Operating System

A powerful application launcher makes all your apps and data portable.

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  • Virtual Opearting System
  • Portable applications and business Tiny size of 6 MB
  • Private Information Security
  • Fast speed


Prayaya V3 is a virtual operating system used on any PC running Microsoft Windows OS. It generates a new virtual mirror of your existing Windows OS. Because of all the operations in the virtual system is separated from your host system, so you could install, run software, save your private data, and set your own desktop as a new system. All the settings will be saved in the virtual system and no trace will be left on the host system.

What can Prayaya V3 do for you?

1. Prayaya V3 make any PC into your own PC
Prayaya V3 is smart software which allows you to have your required programs and data on a USB Flash Drive or any Storage Devices such as IPod or USB driver. Plug into any PC, you can manage your programs, data files, favorites, account ID and password of forum, mail, MSN, stock, PayPal with Clients and Friends. With Prayaya V3 Smart Drive, you are no longer bound to any PC. Prayaya V3 Smart Drive can turn any PC into your own PC. When you unplug Prayaya V3 Smart Drive from the PC, no trace of your data will be left behind.

2. Get Prayaya V3 for your USB Flash drive
Prayaya V3 keeps your personal information at your fingertips. Prayaya V3 simply installed on your USB drive. Once you have an embedded Prayaya V3 drive, there are hundreds of software applications available, all what you need to do is clicking on your mouse with you fingertips .Prayaya V3 gives you the ability to carry your data files and your software applications on the USB Flash drives. You can have your preference, MSN, Flashget, Skype, Outlook Express, Antivirus software, and more -----everything you need for a familiar computing experience on any PC you encountered

3. Prayaya V3 gets you synchronized
Prayaya V3 is the highly acclaimed, award-winning powerful synchronization engine that makes your data mobile and automatically synchronizes your information after working from remote computers.

4. Prayaya V3 has Powerful mobility features
PrayayaV3 virtual operating system can be realized in any non-windows system partition including a large number of applications installed in removable storage, each time you are worried about that there is no your favorite software when you are using other’s computer, V3 has solved your problem ! You can install our common software in V3 removable storage, so no matter you are in the company or travel outside, as long as the belt with V3 USB disk or V3 mobile hard disk, you can plug and operate, and all of operations records remain in the mobile storage and will not leave any traces on the host.

5. Prayaya V3 gives you maximum privacy space
Prayaya V3's Seamless operation will bring much convenient to our work and study, no matter you are operating Prayaya V3 in the machine or use it on the removable storage, you don't have to worry about operational records (including favorite cookie history chats, etc.) lost or being stolen, because all the software and all records kept under the V3 system, even those registry files are also written in the V3 systems, the specific encryption technology of V3 will give you maximum privacy space. You can enjoy using, don't worry about private matters.



*Virtual Opearting System

Prayaya V3 support Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, and Windows 7. Because it has the same interface as Microsoft OS, Prayaya V3 is very easy to use.

*Portable applications and business

You could install Prayaya V3 and your often use software on any storage device such as Ipod, Mobile Phone, Storage Card or USB flash drive. 

For example, you could install Prayaya V3 and Microsoft Office on USB flash drive, and plug it in any host pc to run the Microsoft Office Word even that host computer do not install MS Office Word. And all the software files is stored on the USB flash drive. Do not like other portable launchers which only support portable apps installation, Prayaya V3 support download any software directly from the software official website and install on Prayaya V3 without modify or repack.

Prayaya V3 support run software directly off a USB flash drive. It support more than 50,000 software now.

*Tiny size of 6 MB

Only take you 1 minute to download and install.

*Private Information Security

All your private information are all stored and encrypted in the Prayaya V3 virtual system. It do not leave any trace when you exit V3.

*Fast speed

But due to the tiny size, it can run fast even on the hardware you bought 3 years ago.



  • Operating system:  Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista (32 bits), Windows 7 (32 Bits)

Other :

Win2000,Win7 x32,WinVista,WinXP


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Prayaya V3 (Prayaya Electronics.Ltd.)

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