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Easy-to-use solution with comprehensive and professional legal tools for small business, home, or family at a fraction of an attorney's cost.

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  • 1,000+ Contracts & Legal Forms
  • Consumer, Family & Business Protection
  • Health Care, Powers of Attorney
  • Living Wills & Trusts
  • Real Estate, Financial & Medical Forms

    Get instant access to thousands of legal contracts, forms, letters, and worksheets for business and personal finance, employment, estate planning, real estate, and more.


    • Easy-to-use - just 5 minutes to learn the basics.
    • Save time and money with legal tools at your fingertips - thousands of legal forms, document creation wizards, keyword searches, automatic updates to the law, PDF creation and more.
    • No legal experience required!
    • Award-winning legal software - PC Magazine Editor's Choice Award
    • Affordable - thousands of legal contracts, documents, and worksheets for your business and personal needs for just $39.95.
    • Formalize your business, protect your assets, and plan your estate from one location.
    • Handle changes in your personal life easily, including daycare, divorce, and healthcare.
    • Get legal help from expert and credible sources - live legal advice, multimedia videos, Plain Language Law Dictionary and Family Legal Guide.
    • Money back guarantee


    • 1,000+ Contracts, Documents, Letters & Worksheets
    • Simple Intuitive Interview Process
    • Keyword Search
    • Business & Personal Document Creation Wizards
    • The Plain Language Law Dictionary
    • Live Legal Advice
    • The 21st Century Family Legal Guide
    • Estate Planning Companion
    • Easy Online Updates
    • Password Protection & Encryption for Your Personal Documents
    • Save Documents to PDF
    • Valid in All 50 States**


    • Operating system:  Windows XP, Windows Vista (32 bits), Windows Vista (64 bits)
    • Disk space: 130 Mb
    • Memory: 128 Mb


    Aug 21 2013, 11:54pm | Report

    P Richard Yarbrough says:

    Dead Product. Does NOT Print What Is Shown In Print Preview


    It has tons of forms and letters. Wizards ask you questions, and fills in the form per your answers. Filled forms are saved, and become part of the list in the Main Menu for future editing or re-use (very handy).

    Good help menu, including videos describing topics.

    Legal dictionary, Estate planning guide, family legal guide.


    Dead product. No updates, no support. Update button on Help Menu opens a webpage to an 'Online Update' button that is inoperative. Released in 2006, so it is OLD. A legal program should actively update its forms to stay in compliance with changes in the law.

    I registered the product, but got no response from Avanquest. Half an hour of trying to communicate them led me to SoftCity. Avanquest makes themselves extraordinarily difficult to communicate with. Any company this reluctant to communicate with the people who keep them in business has something seriously wrong with it.

    If you edit a form with the program's editor, it inserts a legal disclaimer (stating the form may be legally flawed because you modified it) that does not appear in the print preview. The disclaimer becomes the first paragraph on the printed form. When I click Print, I expect to print what I saw in the preview. The only way to remove the disclaimer is to export the document (as an rtf); re-edit the file; then print it. That's a lot of unnecessary work.

    That printed disclaimer is totally unnecessary. The moment you move a form to their text editor, you get pop ups warning that changing the form may make it invalid. By the time you get to the print preview of your form, you would have to be brain dead to not know modifying the form runs the risk of altering its legality.

    Unknown number of reinstalls. The License Agreement states you can install the program on one computer, and "The Licensed Software may contain enforcement technology that limits Licensee’s ability to install and uninstall the Licensed Software on a machine to no more than a finite number of times, and for a finite number of machines." The 'readmes' and other documentation do not mention it. If you uninstall it, it may not reinstall. More unnecessary secrecy.

    Nov 4 2011, 4:41pm | Report

    Danielle Sweeney says:

    Complete Package!

    Bottom Line:

    I originally bought this software when I was purchasing a business. I used it to draw up the contract for the sale. It was very simple and self explanatory to use and took no time at all to protect myself and my future business. I recently used it again to write my family's will. It took awhile as you have to input all your assets, liabilities, etc but the software made it so easy! I feel very secure now in my business and personal life!

    Apr 6 2010, 1:19pm | Report

    Kelley Sanchez says:

    Good Collection of Legal Forms

    Bottom Line:

    I bought it because I wanted a basic Health Care Powers of Attorney form, and it gave me so much more. I can also create my living will and trust using this software.

    Apr 6 2010, 1:12pm | Report

    Nicolas Swiatek says:

    Good informations to start

    Bottom Line:

    This software provides lots of very valuable and useful informations but Its remain just a software.
    For very important matters I strongly suggest to confirm with a real lawyer even if this app is an good and cheap advisor.

    Mar 31 2010, 5:15am | Report
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