Memeo Instant Backup

Memeo Instant Backup

Easiest "One-Click" Backup

Backup and protect all the files on your PC drive in one easy step.

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Memeo Instant Backup is the Easiest One-Click Backup.

  • Protect all files in one simple step.
    Protect your entire computer instantly. All files in your C drive will be automatically protected.
  • Continuous Backup. Set it and forget it.
    Files are instantly and automatically protected. No need for manual or scheduled backups. Memeo Instant Backup will back up any new or changed file instantly and automatically. Once you set up this program, you will never have to look at it again.
  • Backup to any storage device.
    No need to buy anything extra. Use the external hard drive, USB drive, or network drive that you already own.
  • Backup remembers.
    If your storage device isn't connected, Memeo will keep track of new or changed files and back them up when your device is reconnected.
  • Easy setup.
    In the time it takes you to order a cup of coffee you can set up this program and start protecting your most valuable files. One click and you're done.


Memeo Instant Backup is the Easiest One-Click Backup

  • Backup and protect all the files on your C drive in one easy step.

  • Backup to any storage device.

  • Instantly protect any new or changed files automatically.

  • No need for manual backups!


  • Operating system:  Windows XP, Windows Vista (32 bits), Windows Vista (64 bits), Windows 7 (32 Bits), Windows 7 (64 Bits)
  • Disk space: 25 Mb
  • Memory: 512 Mb

Other :

Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 is required. (It will automatically install if necessary).

.NET 2.0 Requirements:

  • Windows Installer 3.0

  • 280MB (32-bit) or 610MB (64-bit) free disk space


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Memeo Instant Backup (Memeo)

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