Lightning PDF Professional

Lightning PDF

PDF Documents Creator, Editor and Converter

The Fastest, Easiest Way to Create, Convert and Edit PDF Documents!

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  • CREATE PDF files from 300+ file types
  • CONVERT PDF files for use in Microsoft® Word
  • EDIT PDF content – fix typos, remove and change text and graphics
  • CONTROL shared PDF files with 128-bit encryption
  • For Windows XP, Vista & 7



The Fast & Easy Way to Perfect PDF Files!

Lightning PDF Professional is the complete PDF alternative to Adobe® Acrobat® (See the comparison of Lightning PDF and Adobe Acrobat in the screenshot posted below). You can easily...

Create Perfect PDF Files Faster & Easier

Lightning PDF Professional is the complete PDF alternative to Adobe® Acrobat® designed specifically for business users.

Create PDF Files

Create optimized PDF files from any Windows application or use the one-click creation tools integrated with Microsoft Office. Producing 100% industry-standard PDF files that can be viewed with any PDF viewer has never been easier.

Touch-up Text

Add, edit, and delete text directly on PDFs. With Lightning PDF, you don’t need the source files to fix typos, remove text, and reformat paragraphs.

Insert & Enhance Images

Need to add some images to your PDF files? Lightning PDF allows you to insert graphics directly into your PDF files. Or you can use the built-in image tools to resize, move, optimize and delete existing graphics.

Watermarks & Stamps

Apply your own watermarks and stamps to your documents. Ensure that recipients know information contained in your PDF is confidential, a draft, or for review.

Draw and Markup

Don’t deal with the hassle of marking up paper documents anymore. Use the pen, circle, box and other markup tools to comment directly on PDFs.

Sticky Notes that Stay

Ever use sticky notes to comment on a paper document, only to have them fall off by the time the recipient gets your edits? Now you can add digital sticky notes to PDFs, so your recipients will always get your comments.

Bookmarks & Hyperlinks

Create interactive PDF files with Lightning PDF. Jump to any page of your PDF with bookmarks, or open external web pages with PDF hyperlinks.

Secure PDFs

Have sensitive information that you don’t want falling into the wrong hands? Use passwords and digital certificates to ensure document integrity. You can even restrict PDF features such as copying, printing and editing.

Assemble & Combine PDFs

Combine multiple documents and document types into a single PDF for easy viewing. Create a single PDF file from Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel Spreadsheets, other PDF files, graphics, images, and more.


Why Choose Lightning PDF?

Designed for Business Users

Get easy-to-use business functionality without the complexity.

Fastest One-Click PDF Creation

Create industry-standard PDF files in a single click.

Edit & Optimize PDF files

Edit text, correct typos and touch up objects within PDF files.

Streamlined Document Reviewing

Gather feedback and review documents electronically using intuitive commenting tools.


Create & Convert PDFs
• Create PDF files with customizable output option
• Combine multiple files into a single PDF document
• One-click PDF creation from Microsoft Office
• Convert PDF files back to fully-formatted documents
• 100% industry standard and open in any PDF viewer


Edit & Enhance PDFs

• Select, add, edit and delete text and images
• Correct mistakes, change fonts, styles and colors
• Add watermarks, headers and footers
• Insert, delete, rotate and crop PDF pages
• Add interactive features such as links and bookmarks


Comment & Secure PDFs
• Add feedback to PDF files like a paper document
• Add sticky notes and stamps to your PDFs
• Highlight text, draw shapes and underline text
• Protect your PDFs with powerful 128 bit encryption
• Secure your PDFs with passwords and digital certificates



  • Operating system:  Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista (32 bits), Windows Vista (64 bits), Windows 7 (32 Bits), Windows 7 (64 Bits)
  • Disk space: 30 Mb
  • Memory: 128 Mb


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