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Written by: Chris Hartmann on Nov 27 2012, 5:21pm

System Suite Upgrade to

I have been using version 12.5 of SystemSuite Pro.  I received notice through the SS program that a new upgrade was available. I proceeded to upgrade to version

The new version uninstalled the older version and then after reboot began the new installation of version 14. It tried to get 88 MEG of Threat Updates but could not finish (Slow DSL connection?) popped up a message that it would proceed with the rest of the installation and I could update the threat definitions later.

After the installation finished, everything is showing 100% optimized, including the Security. But there is nowhere in the new version 14 that I can find any button for the Threat Definitions update.  All mention of the Threat Definitions are gone in this new version and there is no setting for updating them manually or automatically. 

Can you please explain what gives ?  Does the Security/Anti-Malware now operate totally in the background now in the new version 14 ?  Is there a bug in the new installation of 14 ?  Please help.