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Written by: Steve Vansteel on Feb 4 2012, 5:02pm

Net Defense Firewall won't start

Just bought & installed System Suite Professional 12. Have been a user since version 8.


I am using Windows 7 Professional and the Net Defense firewall will not start.


I receive the following error message:


An error when trying to start the Net Defense Firewall engine.

Please wait a few seconds beforeattempting to re-enable the firewall.


No matter how long i wait, this message will still display.


Any ideas?



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Mike Stelmach says:

Hello Steve,

For this issue, the best course of action would be to reinstall the program.  Please ensure you have the original program disc or downloaded installation file and then perform the following:


1) Uninstall the program via the Add/Remove Programs in Windows.

2) After the program is uninstalled, browse to the following location:


C:\Program Files\Avanquest


3) If the program's name appears in any of the sub-folder(s), please delete the sub-folder(s).

4) Restart your computer.

5) Reinstall the program from the original disc or download installation file.



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