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Written by: Bruno Evans on Sep 1 2012, 5:59pm

Email Defense and Outlook Express 6

My operating system is Windows XP SP3.  I installed System Suite Pro 12.  My system uses Outlook Express 6.  My email is with Hotmail.  When Email Defense is checked, and I open outlook, an error message says that "Outlook Express has encountered an unknown problem and must shut down." and do I want to report this error.  This happens within 2-5 seconds of the program opening.  When I uncheck Email Defense, I have no problem opening, using, Outlook Express.  I have: Checked the Email Defense box, and on the advance tab, changed the incoming port to 995 as that is what Hotmail requires.  When I do this, the outlook program will not even connect to the server.   With the port selected at 110, I get the error message and Outlook asks if I want to send the error report, and then closes.

The only way Outlook works is not using Email Defense.  I encountered this problem after installing System Suite 12.  I wasn't sure what was causing this and thought it might be a problem with the computer, so I re-installed my OS from a Windows XP installation disk, and re-installed System Suite 12, but the problem still persists.  System suite detects no virus or malware.  Prior to installing System suite 12, I used Norton 360 which also integrated with Outlook Express and it worked very well with NO problems.  I removed Norton with their Removal tool, before re-installing my OS, but still cannot use Email Defense with Outlook Express.   Any suggestions?  Questions?

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