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Written by: Randall Cummings on Aug 5 2010, 8:52pm

PowerDesk Pro 8 folder expand/collapse icon display issue

Using PowerDesk Pro 8 on Windows 7 Pro. Having issue with expand/collapse folder arrow icons (>) not displaying (Please see screen shot below).

I have a dual pane layout, and it only occurs in the upper folder list pane. The arrows don't display, even if i click in the pane. But I can still expand or collapse the folders by clicking next to the folder.

The problem usually occurs when I minimize PowerDesk, open another app window and then open PowerDesk. If I click in the lower pane folder list, the icons appear! They also appear if I open Windows Explorer and then open PowerDesk.

The old + or - icons in PowerDesk 7 worked fine on Windows 7


Not working:








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Mike Stelmach says:

I do not see this issue on my Windows 7 machine. The first thing I would try is to clear out all .stg files. These files store the settings for Power Desk. 


These directions will have you delete the PowerDesk.stg file(s) found

on your computer.  Deleting the PowerDesk.stg file(s) will remove any

changes your have made to PowerDesk and restore it to its default state.



1) Close PowerDesk


2) Restart your computer.


3) Start Task Manager and look for the following processes:


 - PDHookServer.exe


 - PDExploNXP.exe


 - PDExplo.exe


4) If any of these processes are found, highlight them and use the End

Process to close them out.


5) Open the Search window for Windows, typically launched by pressing the F3



6) The file name you will be searching for will be the following:  *.stg


7) Make sure you are searching on all of your hard drives for these files.


8) Make sure you are including the option to search hidden files/folders and

system folders


9) After the search completes, delete all PowerDesk.stg files that are



10) Restart the computer and verify the problem has been resolved.




The second potential problem we have seen is that on some systems, having

the Generic Icons enabled causes PowerDesk to crash when opening ZIP file.

Please go to the View menu in PowerDesk v8 and verify the Show Generic Icons

does not have a checkmark next to it.  If it does have a checkmark next to

it, please select it to disable the Generic Icons.






Aug 6 2010, 10:09am | Report

Randall Cummings says:

Thank you for the quick reply. I did as you suggested, but it didn't help. I tried PD 8 on another Win 7 machine and it did the same thing.

I can almost always reproduce the problem if I open PD 8, minimize it, open another application window such as Firefox and click links, etc. Minimize Firefox and restore PD 8.

I went back to using PD 7 for now.




Aug 6 2010, 8:33pm | Report

ian seeley says:

The same thing is happening on my laptop. The top line of the file list is missing. Normally this would say "Desktop" in my XP Pro. I will try your fix above.

Thanks. Ian



Nov 11 2010, 9:30pm | Report

ian seeley says:

Thanks. Deleting the STG files fixed the problems. I'll try and track what I do to see if it turns up again.





Nov 11 2010, 9:56pm | Report

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