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Written by: Laurence Steffan on Jan 17 2011, 8:01pm

error message

I don't know why I am getting the following message and Power Desk will not start, even after reinstalling.


The folder http://www.msnusers.com/is no longer available



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Mike Stelmach says:

Hello Laurence,

Please try the steps below to correct the issue.

These directions will have you delete the PowerDesk.stg file(s) found

on your computer.  Deleting the PowerDesk.stg file(s) will remove any

changes your have made to PowerDesk and restore it to its default state.



1) Close PowerDesk


2) Restart your computer.


3) Start Task Manager and look for the following processes:


 - PDHookServer.exe


 - PDExploNXP.exe


 - PDExplo.exe


4) If any of these processes are found, highlight them and use the End

Process to close them out.


5) Open the Search window for Windows, typically launched by pressing the F3



6) The file name you will be searching for will be the following:  *.stg


7) Make sure you are searching on all of your hard drives for these files.


8) Make sure you are including the option to search hidden files/folders and

system folders


9) After the search completes, delete all PowerDesk.stg files that are



10) Restart the computer and verify the problem has been resolved.



Jan 18 2011, 10:56am | Report

Ed Chatlos says:

This may be caused by having the option "Save Setting On Exit" checked. and the last time you opened PD successfully you had navigated to that folder/link/shortcut then closed PD making that your default "Open To" folder/link/shortcut. Since it is no longer available the program doesn't know what to do other then close.

The .STG files referenced above are where PD stores all it's default settings. So deleting those will bring you back to the built in default layout.

It is best to Un-Check that setting, "Save Settings On Exit" and once you have the program setup the way you like it use the "Save Settings Now" option. The re-open PD and Export those settings to a .STG file in the My Documents folder ( I always give it a name and the date of when I saved it). That way if something like this ever happens again you can delete the .stg file located in the programs main folder, open PD to it's default built in settings then Import your .stg file to bring the program back to where you like it.



Jan 23 2011, 10:30am | Report

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