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Written by: Norman Blackwell on Sep 18 2011, 1:10pm

Uninstall Fix-It Utilities 9 - Professional

I have been trying for 2 months to remove Fix-It Utilities 9 from my computer because it is critical to my business to free up the space. I uninstalled all the other programs I had to remove using the Control Panel/delete method without any problem. Fix-It won't uninstall that way; instead, you get a long, confusing error message.  I have been corresponding with a fellow named "Mike" but there is a comunuications problem between us. He assumes that I know everything about computers, so he always sends a one sentence "fix", and I have absolutely no idea what he's talking about. I want an answer that explains exactly what steps must be taken (step by step) to remove Fix-It. Mike obviously understands computers thoroughly, but I DON'T! I am desperate and to the point where I will have to scrap this 3 month old $2500 computer and buy a new one. I am very busy and do not have the time to spend transferring all my business info to a new machine (and I am not too happy about having to buy a new computer either). If you are able to give me a solution to this problem, please make certain that it is written in the most elemental terms. Thanks very much for your help!

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Mike Stelmach says:

Hello Norman.

Please boot the computer to safe mode, now browse to C:Program files\Avanquest\ rename the Fix it folder to OLD. Reboot the computer then delete the OLD folder. Reboot then go to the run command in Windows and type in regedit, look in the Registry for the following keys and delete them if present.  You can access the registry by going to the Run command in Windows and typing in Regedit









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