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Written by: Albert Walker on Sep 5 2012, 12:07pm

Fix it wont work

When I try to fix it, I get a message . The selected problems were not fixed properly. Please retry fixing the problems, if the problem persists, please contact customer support. I have downloaded a patch , but it still wont work.

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Mike Stelmach says:

Hello Albert,

To correct this issue you will need to follow the steps below.   Please ensure you have the original program disc or downloaded installation file and then perform the following:

To perform a clean install:

1. Uninstall SystemSuite or Fix it by opening the Control Panel and clicking on ‘Add or Remove Programs’ (Windows XP) or ‘Programs and Features’ (Windows 7), and finding SystemSuite or Fix it in the list. If asked about deleting the Recovery Commander checkpoints, click ‘Yes.’

2. Go to the following page and download the AQCleanup tool:
System Suite

Fix it

3. Run AQCleanup.exe (only run this tool after uninstalling SystemSuite or Fix it through the Control Panel. That will remove all remaining traces Reboot Windows if prompted.

4. Reinstall SystemSuite or Fix it by running the installation disc or setup/installer for SystemSuite or Fix it (depending upon whether you bought the disc or the download).

After SystemSuite or Fix it is installed, go ahead and download the patch again by clicking the (?) help icon and then 'Program Update.



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