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Written by: Bill Stibich on Jul 23 2012, 1:18pm

Error message: database disk image is malformed


I've had Fix-it Utilities Professional Ver12 installed for a few weeks and and it's been working fine. Recently, I have a problem and a concern. And I've just checked to ensure that my program is up-to-date.

Problem: Every so often (now very fequently) an error message pops up saying the the "Database Disk Image is Malformed". I can exit the message and the message goes away, but offers nothing to suggest a fix. I searched the FAQ and internet and can not find what I need to do to correct this condition. Can you offer and suggestions?

Concern: After I run "One Click Wizard" everything will be fixed so I'm at 100%. But about 2-3 times a week my Internet Speed will need to be optimized again Is there some conflict between my provider (AT&T) and Fix-it Utilities where they both keep modifying setting to cause a conflict?

Thanks for any assistance.

Bill Stibich

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