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Written by: ron rantilla on Sep 7 2012, 10:12am

publishing with webeasy professional 9

I am using webeasy professional version 9.0 on windows 7.  I cannot publish via the publish assistant nor the ftpmax dialog boxes.  I get a variety of error messages including "publish assistant not responding" and "unable to connect to the remote host".  I have uninstalled and reinstalled the webeasy software from the cd with the same results.

I have contacted the host (lunarpages) and think I have the correct settings.

I can connect and upload files via filezilla from the same computer and have uploaded some files created with webeasy successfully.  However, I am not very good at managing uploading and downloading files. (I formarly used frontpage to manage my web sites, and was hoping the publish assistant would help me in a similar manner.)

Can you help me get the publish assistant for webeasy professional 9.0 working?

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Arthur K. says:

Hello Ron,

In the Connection Profile, click on the Firewall tab and check the Use Passive Transfer option.

This option is checked by default with Filezilla, however it is unchecked by default with our FTP client. This is most likely why you were able to connect with Filezilla but not our FTP client, provided you used the same host name in Filezilla as you did with the Publisher Assistant.  



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