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Written by: Jim Jordan on Feb 14 2011, 1:40pm

How to delete old web files from server?

I created my website with Web Easy 8.  All of my pages were by default named by page number, i.e. http://www.wildlifeatkiawah.com/kiawah_wildlife_010.htm.  I wanted to have them named with a specific phrase so I changed all of the file names in Inspector based on feedback on this forum.  So the old page 10 became http://www.wildlifeatkiawah.com/mammals.html.  That went fine.

The issue is that the old pages are still there, so anyone linking to a page other than home using an old bookmark that refers to page number will get an old page that I am no longer updating and is no longer present in Web Easy.  How do I remove these pages from the server.  I am using Ieasysite for my hosting.  Maybe this is a better question for them but thought i would try here first.


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Arthur K. says:

Hello Jim,

The files are all on the hosting server. You would need to delete the old html files off of the hosting server. You can use any FTP client, such as the FTP Max that comes with WebEasy to log into the hosting server and delete any unwanted files.



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