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Written by: marc wise on Apr 7 2012, 12:45pm

Access the website from multiple computers

I have been building a website with web easy 9, I have yet to publish it. But I was wondering when I do, how can access it to update/change on other computers. I would get other licenses, but is there the capability to then log into your host (will be a 3rd party/ Go Daddy) to then have full access on another computer to make changes?

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Arthur K. says:

Hello Marc,

WebEasy works with a proprietary .alb file format. It does not work with the html files from the hosting server.
To make changes to your website, you would need to edit the .alb file saved locally on your system, then rebuild the new html package to publish it to the hosting server. This means, you would need to create archive backups from the original system and pass it between systems that had WebEasy to ensure that all systems are working with the latest project. Changes made on one system would not reflect on the other system until they received the new archive backup, so you would not be able to have two different users updating the website as the same time, as the files would be two different files.



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