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Written by: Rune Asheim on Nov 1 2011, 6:06am

Installation problem

I have bought the "Berlitz french premier"-dvd.

After installing it, it works a few times, but after that i get the following error message:

This version of Berlitz Learning System requires the USB key that it came on to be plugged into your system in order to run.


You can also purchase your own copy of Berlitz Learning System by clicking on this link:





As I mentioned, I do not have a usb-key, I have a dvd, and the dvd is already in the computer. My computer is a MacBookPro with OS Lion. Can you please help me with this issue?


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Robby E. says:


I have never heard of this problem.  Did you perhaps have some other language software installed on this computer previously?  Perhaps there is some sort of conflict with a different language program that is either currently installed or previously installed on this computer.



Nov 2 2011, 1:00pm | Report

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