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Written by: Haraldur Húbertsson on Apr 1 2012, 6:20am

Printing from rear tray not possible

Hello, when I set up the printing from rear tray on Canon inkjet printer it print from the cassette. I tried all settings such as:

Automatic select

Rear Tray


it print from the cassette. Even when set to rear tray and I remove the cassette it want to print from cassette.

This way it waste a lot of paper since each time I want to print there will be the double side print setting be asked to set.

I also have the same issue with my Canon colour laser printer.

No matter how someone set the source it always print from cassette and uses each time a lot of paper for setting the printing up.

Please do not tell me to go to:

-> file -> Print setup -> change source, since I have tried it all

it is in the software that has to be updated even better if it would automatically do duplex printing since my printers all support duplex printing.

Average paper usage for getting 1 card printed, 120 to 200 sheets of blank paper which is not for free as well.




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Robby E. says:


Which program and version number of the program is this in reference to?



Apr 2 2012, 10:59am | Report

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