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Written by: Ray Simpson on Dec 27 2011, 12:26pm

corrupted executable file

After installing Hallmark Card Studio 2012, I ran a scan of AVG Anti Virus Software, and it found the following "corrupted executable file" and it moved it to a virus vault. Is the going to affect my usage of the Hallmark Card Studio 2012 Program?

The corrupted file is :

C:\Program Files\CreativeHome\Hallmark Card Studio 2012\Ltcrlu.ddl


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Robby E. says:


I am not sure how AVG would know that file is corrupt. The company that makes AVG does not make Hallmark Card Studio. So, I am not sure how their program comes to the conclusion that another company's program is corrupt.

Generally speaking, you most likely will run into problems running the program without all the program's files present. Most programs do not install extra .DLL files that have no purpose to the program. I am not sure what that particular file does, though. So, it may be tied to a feature that you will never use. You can try running the program without it to see if you experience any problems. If you do, you may need to restore that file.



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