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Written by: Ken Leguil on Mar 7 2011, 1:36pm

Change paper size greeting card factory

We have Greeting Card Factory deluxe ver 8

We would like to use a paper size 10.50 X 7.25 inches. When we load a
card from the program then go to PAGE SETUP and select CUSTOM SIZE and enter
in the 10.50 and 7.25 press OK we get a layout line that would be that size. We
click on the card to get the layout handles and reduce the card to fit the new
layout. When we print the program (card) goes back to the full size. The printed item.


How can we change the paper size and make it a permant change?


Thank You

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Robby E. says:


How are you getting to the "PAGE SETUP" in the first place?  Are you going to the File menu and selecting "Page Setup..."?  Or are you going to the printer's setting and accessing a page setup in there?



Mar 7 2011, 2:33pm | Report

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