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Written by: Brian Weiss on Apr 5 2010, 11:11pm

Security concerns with open source?

Do you feel there are security concerns with open source software for business? Do you feel the opposite is true since it's open?

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Mark Manes says:

Actually open source is popular among security experts because engineers within your organization can easily see if there is evil code within the open source module.

The bigger concern is insuring that you comply with the licensing of a given open source project. Some licenses for example require you to publish your source in which you used the open source module. That can causes businesses to move slower as they consider their code proprietary.

Open source is really cool but you do have to think a bit before just using it.

A security concern? No..  I don't think so.




Apr 6 2010, 5:48pm | Report

Cedric Voisin says:

The most security oriented team works on the OpenBSD project.
Every piece of software or kernel improvement are audited before being available in the next release.

I think the main concern for business usage is not the security but much more the support associated to OpenSource produtcs.

A lot of Open Source licensing allow source code to be modify, but some require the new code to be published also.



Apr 21 2010, 9:43am | Report

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