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Written by: Jim McClellan on Jan 6 2013, 12:09pm

Issue with SS withholding for 2012 on W 2 forms for 2102

I use bookkeeper software, version, to calulate my payroll for my business. I printed out my W-2 for my employees and distributed them. One employee was using Turbo Tax online to calulate her taxes for 2102 when the program highlighted an error from my W-2. It states that too much money had been withheld from her and she was due a refund and that she needed to get a "corrected W-2" before her tax return could be processed. The excess amount is only $36.37 for her but I have several issues with this problem.

1. In calulating the withholding of Social Security for year 2012 according to the W-2 I have, the amount withheld ranges thru the 6 employees from 4.8% down to the required 4.2%. How can this happen? and now that it did how do I get it corrected so I can refund any excess payments and create "corrected W-2's"?

2. For the 6 employees that I have I have calulated the total refund due all of them is $167.76. If I refund this to them as an over amount held for Social Security how do I back that amount out of each employee's amount paid to Social Security on their W-2?

3. How long will this problem hold up my W-2's and my required package to the government for proper reporting.


This is a very serious problem for me and my company and the last time I had issues with your latest release software it took too long to get it resolved.

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