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Written by: Jenarita Fusaro on Jan 10 2012, 8:45am

2011 w-2

I purchased Bookkeeper and the Bookkeeper Tax tables in early 2010. I have it set for automatic updates, but it has never found any (seems strange). Anyway, I want to print my 2011 W-2 forms and the system is showing the 2011 info on a 2010 form. It will not let me print because it says the 2011 form is not available. I have run updates again and it did not fix the problem. My other issue is the 940 and 941 reports are not current either. I am also wondering how I handle 940 (FUTA) deposits and I am in the state of Rhode Island but there are no tax tables for my state Temporary Disablity Insurance or forms for filing my RIET return?

I have Bookkeeper Version and Tax Table Version 2011.04

Thank you for your help.

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Jason Aguiar says:

Hello Jenarita,


I would suggest you call into our phone support so one of the reps can get you updated. Your tax tables and Bookkeeper version are not updated to the latest versions and that is why the tax forms are not showing the correct year.



Jan 10 2012, 12:57pm | Report

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