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Written by: Jenarita Fusaro on Jan 10 2012, 8:45am

2011 w-2

I purchased Bookkeeper and the Bookkeeper Tax tables in early 2010. I have it set for automatic updates, but it has never found any (seems strange). Anyway, I want to print my 2011 W-2 forms and the system is showing the 2011 info on a 2010 form. It will not let me print because it says the 2011 form is not available. I have run updates again and it did not fix the problem. My other issue is the 940 and 941 reports are not current either. I am also wondering how I handle 940 (FUTA) deposits and I am in the state of Rhode Island but there are no tax tables for my state Temporary Disablity Insurance or forms for filing my RIET return?

I have Bookkeeper Version and Tax Table Version 2011.04

Thank you for your help.

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