About the Softdollars

Softdollars IllustrationSoftdollars are the unique virtual currency you can accumulate by participating in Softcity. Voting, commenting or posting on Softcity earns you redeemable points that can be used for discounts on the software you will find here.

When you make a purchase, you can redeem as much or as little of your Softdollars as you like. Each 1000 Softdollars equals a discount of $1 USA on the software you are going to purchase. You can use your Softdollars to take up to 50% off of the amount you are buying for any software sold on Softdity.

You can always tell how many Softdollars you have by checking your Softdollar counter on the top right of any page, or by logging into your dashboard. We don’t do expiration dates, so if you’ve earned some Softdollars and forgot to use them for a while they will still be there when you come back. Below, you can see a chart that explains how many Softdollars you can earn for each contribution that you make:

Softdollars earning scale

At Softcity, we don’t believe you should have to rely on coupons to get the best discounts. Participate in our community and we’ll reward you.

It's that easy

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