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We are the world’s first software marketplace to use news and reviews to help you discover the apps that you need. By helping other users discover new products, we reward you with huge discounts on any of the apps within our marketplace.

Software + Social + Rewards = Softcity

Here are some of the great benefits to using Softcity:

  • Access to Software reviews and Tech opinions on the newest trends
  • A growing software marketplace of apps from Avanquest, AVG, Audials One, askSam and more...
  • Accumulate Softdollars for discounts of up to 50% off on any of the software on Softcity
  • A Community of software users, experts, and developers

To get the most out of our community, here are a few things you should know:

Browsing Softcity

Channels boxEvery thing in Softcity is organized into Channels. Channels are your gateway to a variety of topics and discussions present in Softcity. Be sure to look for the recognized experts for any given Channel, and follow those users for updates on the conversations you care most about.

You can find the “Channels” menu at the top of any page; use this button to browse the top content for any given channel.

Softcity Menu

You can also use the SoftCity search engine to locate answers to questions you may have or find reviews of products. If you don't find what you are looking for, then you can login (Link) and start a new contribution.

Participating in the community

As soon as you start a discussion, you’ll notice your SoftDollar total raise!
Here are some of the great benefits to using Softcity:

  • Ask or answer questions
  • Review software
  • Post videos
  • Contribute articles about tech news
  • Vote on helpful contributions
  • Create or respond to surveys

Every time you participate, you earn SoftDollar rewards that can be used in our marketplace.

Using Softdollar rewards

By filling out your profile, you’ll earn your first Softdollar payout. Every contribution you make to the community after that will earn you even more rewards. At Softcity, we have a variety of software titles you can redeem your Softdollars on.

When you purchase any software on Softcity, your Softdollars can be redeemed for discounts before you buy! (TIP: earn even more SoftDollars by reviewing or rating software you purchase from Softcity)
We have created a detailed explanation page of Softdollars and how they work, including how much you can earn by contributing.

We hope you enjoy your stay at Softcity!

Our sponsor

Softcity is an innovative company built on the idea that social networking and eCommerce can combine to create a new relationship between user and developer. With sponsorship from Avanquest Software, our passionate team has designed Softcity to help improve the software experience through unique interaction and open discussion.