Softcity Code of Conduct

Welcome to Softcity, the place for Software in 2010 and beyond. Please read, understand and acknowledge that you agree to respect, adhere to and enforce the Softcity Code of Conduct (SCC). The very essence of the idea behind Softcity is that we, the Citizens and our Guest provide real value for ourselves and others that is measurable and allows the City to benefit from our expertise and also allows each of us to reap rewards, equally important, recognition for our participation. This requires that all content provided must be helpful, relevant and only sales-oriented to the extent that it is valuable to others in the form of explanations of features and benefits and how to achieve them.

Softcity is the first "Social Commerce" site for Software users and developers. In Wikipedia, Social Commerce is defined as: "a subset of Electronic Commerce, in which the active participation of customers and their personal relationships are at the forefront. The main element is the involvement of a customer in the marketing of products being sold. e.g. recommendations and comments from customers." The concept of Softcity is powerful and simple:

Your Time = Knowledge = Value
Value + Participation @ Softcity = Rewards, Recognition & Money
  • Time is the basic value in Softcity, thus, please respect your time and the time of other Citizens.
  • Treat and communicate with fellow Citizens in a respectful and polite manner, even when you disagree with them or their point of view. Further, do not post obscene, vulgar or offensive content of any kind.
  • Be respectful of the common space of the City and do not litter. Litter can take the form of spam, or advertising in non approved places.
  • Be authentic. Use only your true identity for all interactions in Softcity and, further, do not to create any false accounts or use pseudonyms on Softcity.
  • Act online as you would offline. Do not post or write anything on Softcity that you would not say in person at an offline meeting or interaction.
  • Stand behind your comments. Anonymous comments are not allowed on Softcity.
  • Keep your word. You are personally responsible and liable for your activities on Softcity and for any agreements or promises that you make to any other Softcity Citizen or Guest.
  • Do not use Softcity to link to any external sites that violate the SCC. Further, as a Citizen or Guest of Softcity, you represent and warranty that you are the 100% owner of all content that you post.
  • Do not to participate in or create any criminal or illegal activity on Softcity and do not entice any other Citizens to do so either.
  • Softcity reserves the rights to immediately block any postings or communications that in any way promote violence, hatred, racism, sexism, or any forms of obscenity.
  • Beyond information requested by your profile page, do not give personal or confidential information such as credit cards, passwords, telephone numbers, addresses etc to other Citizens or Guests. You are responsible for your own protection at Softcity, so please use discretion with personal and confidential information. Further, Softcity does not allow participation of children under the age of 13. If you are a parent of a child between the age of 13 and 18, please monitor your child's activity on Softcity.
  • You are responsible for your own protection. Please install antivirus and/or other security software on your computer and do not circulate any form of viruses on Softcity.
  • Please report any violations of the SCC to Softcity immediately

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Softcity is an innovative company built on the idea that social networking and eCommerce can combine to create a new relationship between user and developer. With sponsorship from Avanquest Software, our passionate team has designed Softcity to help improve the software experience through unique interaction and open discussion.