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Written by: Robert Krause on Jun 18 2012, 10:03am

Update causing Fix it Utilities problems

Dear Softcity and Avanquest
Last week I reported to you a problem that appears if the latest update to Fix it Utilities version  is patched to the program.  You were having a problem with your servers that stopped people from downloading the threat def files.    So you confused my problem with your server problem.
Once update version  is installed the program will crash if an attempt is made to down load the threat definition files manually.  It is a total crash.  I run fix it utilities on over 15 computers at three different offices.  Those computers all run windows xp service pack 3 and they all have different configerations and different hardware.  Inspite of that every single computer that downloaded and installed the latest update version  then had the program fix it utilities 12 crash if an attempt was made to download the threat def files.  It would all so want to send an error report to microsoft as it crashed.  This problem is way beyond the minor server problems you had last week.
My only remidy to this issue was to reinstall fix it on all of my computers and that blew out most of my weekend.  I hope your not going to ignore this message because their is a real problem with the latest update.

Bob Krause

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