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Written by: Richard Bashara on Sep 9 2010, 1:36pm

Mobile Application Development Roundup | 10 Sources for Development Know-How

Are you like many others caught up in the smartphone world?  Do you love your phone but wish you had more control over what you can do with it?  When I interviewed Benoit, one of the key points I took fro our discussion was that App development is something everyone can do.  It's also something you usually do or yourself. 

So, if you've got an idea but lack the technical knowhow, here are a few great places to go for mor information on how to develop for mobile platforms like iOS and Android. 

Windows Phone 7


Windows Phone 7 Training Guide -- As WP7 gets closer to launch, there is a lot of hype surrounding the device, much of that is development related.  WP7 needs app developers to take a leap of faith on the platform, so this could potentially be a very hot market to be a part of.   

Creating Games for Windows Phone 7 -- You may not know it, but WP7 is highly focused on game development.  This post links to a roundup of game development tutorials including an entire 2D game lab.

Windows Phone 7 Jumpstart --  A 12 step tutorial that will help anyone begin developing their first app for the Windows Phone 7 device.  From working with Silverlight to game development and marketing, this set of tutorials is a must see if you are considering development for WP7



Building a Twitter client with App Inventor -- Using Google's app inventor to build a Twitter client.  you might be interested to know that Sencha includes a similar tutorial on their website.  Sencha is an HTML 5 framework that will basically alow developers to build in HTML and end up with an app that is cross platform.

Mastering Android Widget Development -- One of Android's more useful features is the ability to have widgets that can control or display things from the Desktop environment.  This is part one of four tutorials that teach you how to develop these desktop marvels.

Developing For Android, Where do I start? -- Phandroid is always a great place to go (along with the Android forums) to learn more about how your phone works, so this tutorial comes from a great source of information. 

Please also see the 2 hour YouTube video below that walks you through how to use the Eclipse platform for Android app development. 



Part 1 of the iPhone BlackJack game -- Part 1 discusses how to create a card object, but the tutorial promises to finish out the process of making a simple card game for the iPhone. 

Your First iOS Application -- I figured it might be good to go straight to the source, so check out what Apple has to say about creating your first iOS application.  It may also interest you to know Apple recently published app development guidelines to help developers see what they are aiming for. 

Creating a Splash Screen for iPhone -- This tutorial discusses how to give your app a splash screen or a main page.  It's a nice "polish" move to make your app stand out graphically from the competition.  

Do You Have a Tutorial?

Are you an amateur developer?  Do you already hunt for posts like these?  If you've got a tutorial you want to share, drop us a line in the comments!  Hope these help get you ready for the exciting world of mobile app development.