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Written by: Pierre VEBER on Mar 26 2010, 11:29am

Is mobile internet changing the web?

Now that browsing the web is widely common on mobile phones and devices, and data traffic beats voice traffic, there are emerging voices saying that device-specific content is exploding, and putting the web into pieces.

"It's the end of a golden age, according to Forrester Research analyst Josh Bernoff, who recently coined the term "splinternet" to describe this phenomenon."

Read the original article in CNNMoney.com.

What is your opinion? Is it the end of the web as we know it?


Citizens Comments

Mohamed Hamdouni says:

If even Google (with all the data they gather from us) is going this way with its Android OS and also with new search methods (Gesture Search, Goggles, Google directory etc...) its become the Web is in mutation.

All big brands have a computer version of their websites as well as a Mobile/Touch version.

With the fast increase of mobile web browsing (together with Web apps available on new platforms) we are seeing a boom of dedicated contents and applications that aim to make your data available from anywhere and any device (no matter how big or how small is your screen)

I also think this is were big Companies such Microsoft and Apple have some chance to stole some points in Browsers market share, for me Bing is putting to much efforts with small chances to succeed (because of the time you need to aggregate all search and all requests from the web into your own servers/engines), they should maybe put all these efforts in building new way to browse into this rising market (Smartphone and Portable Internet devices)

Nice competition in view! ;)



Mar 28 2010, 5:26am | Report

Nacim TAMINE says:

I would say the web is changing mobile internet.



Mar 29 2010, 2:15am | Report

Ivana LeTallec says:

I think because we need mobility the way we use Internet is changing and so the web is changing too yes. It's really practical to be able to access Internet everywhere but not very user-friendly. I prefer having a bigger screen but I agree it's really useful sometimes.



Mar 29 2010, 5:54am | Report

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