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Written by: Richard Bashara on Sep 30 2011, 2:48pm

Best 5 Star Free Android Apps

If you just bought your Android, or you’re looking for some applications to add but finding yourself overwhelmed by the selection, I’d like to make a few suggestions!  Whether it’s games, productivity, social or music, I can show you some great free apps that are all rated 5 stars!

Android Games

Robo Defense – The new Robo Defense looks beautiful!  When I first got the app, it was nice, but lacked a certain style to really make it pop.  The new 3D textures are wonderful, but the drawback is the free app only comes with one level.  I got hooked and bought the premium version, but the free version is an awesome addition to any Android.

Angry Birds – Everyone loves Angry Birds, and it’s really no wonder why.  It’s an addicting game that offers continual updates that always deliver fresh content.  If you’re like me, you’ll struggle through the early chapters while you build up a wealth of updates that bring you brand new levels at no extra charge.  Android owners also lucked out, it’s free for us!

Alchemy and Alchemy Classic – Two sides of the same coin, both a remake of the old MSDOS game.  Alchemy gives you four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water, which you can combine almost endlessly.  With hundreds of possible combinations, both Alchemy and it’s sleeker brother Alchemy Classic are great free games to keep you busy.   The only difference, for me, was the animations in Alchemy Classic are far nicer than plain old Alchemy.

Android Apps


Retro Camera – this free camera app does for you what Instagram does for the iPhone.  Simple, beautiful looking photos with a variety of filters to choose from.  The free version gives you everything you need to take amazing pictures with your Android phone.

Evernote – Whether it’s a grocery list, a web clipping or a novel you’re working on, Evernote makes your information accessible wherever you can find an internet connection.  Just remember to download the Firefox toolbar, and put it on any other devices you may have for best results. 

Handcent SMS – your standard run of the mill SMS app is nice and all, but Handcent adds that extra special dash of something nice.  With the ability to set pictures for you and all of your contacts, customize themes and download font packs to expand functionality, Handcent is a great app to have for SMS.  Just remember to set Handcent as your default SMS app to avoid getting an extra message from your default messaging app.

Notes by Yuli – This particular note taking app is one of my favorites and I use it frequently for errand running.  Create a list by placing “#” before each line item, and when you view your note at the store you have an interactive check list!

Music Apps


Winamp – I love Winamp.  Not just for my PC, and not just because I grew up on it.  It really does simplify music storage for Android, with the ability to wirelessly sync your music collection on the ol’ home PC with your SD Card.  This is a must have for music lovers that crave a great player with easy configuration. 

Hype! – I listen to HypeM fairly frequently, and Hype just brings that with me wherever I go.  Assuming I have a good data connection.  No listening restrictions to be had here, and I can favorite songs to my account on HypeM.com so I’ll always have access to my custom playlist.  The only drawback is that it’s all new music, don’t expect to find classics here.

Pandora – Big P (not The Notorious B.I.G) just lifted its 40 hour listening restriction, making this app an almost must have for Android owners.  I like Pandora for its ability to bring new music to you, but there are definitely other options.  I can’t stand the Last.FM app, but it does come with Scrobbling which is a nice feature that records your songs to your Last profile.  Pandora would benefit from this, but as is the app is wonderful!

Social Apps

For the social side, I recommend going first party when you can.  Twitter has a fantastic app that sometimes loads slowly, but gives you most of what you need.  The majority of Marketplace users prefer Seesmic (which will also update and track your Facebook) to tweet from their Android devices, but I think Twitter’s app is more than enough.  It even (finally) has a built in URL shortener. 

Facebook’s app is also nice, but until they stop pushing us to browser for certain actions I can’t recommend it over or under anything else.  It’s a good choice, you may find better though so ask your friends what they are using.  I’m also a big fan of Reddit, and I love Reddit is Fun for quick and easy access to the site.  My only issue is that the latest updates took away the ability to save photos from within the app.  A small inconvenience, but it makes a difference to me. 

What are your favorite free five star Android apps?