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Written by: Richard Bashara on Nov 8 2010, 5:43pm

A Day Without a Smartphone

I recently bricked my Android.  How I did it is irrelevant (read: I’m too embarrassed to admit I screwed up), but now that it’s gone, there’s a 3.5” hole in my life that has an LCD screen burned into my memory.  Since I’m sans smartphone, I thought I’d write about a few observations on needs I currently have that I never thought existed.

My Need to Photograph Everything I See

I've decided that a fun way to memorialize my phone is to include some of my favorite pictures from the device.  My current LG Rumor can't take pictures like my Droid (which can't take pictures nearly as nice as an iPhone, I concede).  I would snap photos and upload them to Twitter almost daily, but the need to share my world is gone now.  At least until I get a new Droid ;)

The need to Obsessively check Reddit

I’m not an active Redditor in the sense that I’m commenting and voting (perhaps I should be) but part of the hole in my life is filled with the musings of a tiny alien.  I don’t know why I check Reddit as often as I do, the headlines don’t change all that frequently, but I used the app almost religiously.  I would often cruise Reddit before leaving for a social function so I’d have things to talk to people about.


Fio the Cat, in a Drawer

Now it’s gone, ce’st la vie I suppose. 

Customizing my Desktop

FACT: if you give me something I can customize, I will rearrange it almost daily.  I will meticulously hunt for icon packs and find ways to consolidate desktop clutter into slightly more organized clutter that is categorized.  This obsession even led me to try out different desktop launchers and a plethora of background pics searching for the one that fits my screen perfectly.


The One Man Band from Japan

Now it’s gone.

Googling Damn Near Everything

Trivia question at a party?  Is this restaurant even good?  What is the square root of -2?  Anything was fair game when I had that tiny magnifying glass to help me find some truth (if you could call it that) from the internet.  I’d even have the girlfriend Google things for me while we drove.  I found myself searching and learning a hell of a lot more about the world around me.


How I Miss my Beloved MP3's

Now it’s gone.

My Need to Play Alchemy Until my Eyes Bleed

Alchemy is probably the coolest game on the Android marketplace, but it’s also one of the simplest.  Use thing A and thing B to make thing C!  SCIENCE!  Oh the excitement I felt when I combined elements with Life to create “Man” and then took fire to the “man” and burned him to ash.  That game took hours of my time waiting in line, sitting around doing nothing, and as a diversion from all of the work that I do.  It was a great stress reliever…


Ghostbusters Standing Next to a Replica Ecto 1

But, now it’s gone =(

My Need to Seek Out New Things

When I had my smartphone, the world felt so much more accessible to me.  I had apps to tell me what was worth checking out, user opinions to weigh my options and even Facebook to directly connect with friends for more advice.  Sure, I can go back to the old fashioned way of just texting people, but dammit I don’t want to have to wait for a response.

Unfortunately, all of that is gone.  Fortunately, Sprint is sending me a new phone.  While it might not be my Hero, it will have to fill the void in my life.

Anyone else out there feeling this kind of pain?