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Written by: Richard Bashara on May 20 2010, 2:50pm

DISH and Google Team Up | Google TV

You knew this would happen...

Google and DISH Network are teaming up to launch Google TV, an open platform that seamlessly integrates multichannel television with rich web media content. The technology promises to combine television and web in a way I guess YouTube doesn’t?  It may just mean more ads in our TV shows, but it could also be a huge development that changes how we watch TV.

What is Google TV?

Google TV merges traditional TV programming with the wide amount of content on the web, allowing viewers unprecedented access, control, and flexibility over all forms of digital content. Imagin watching an episode of Lost (and not those Lost 2.0 episodes with the distracting subtitles) and being able to check out the Lost wiki while you search for answers.  DISH Network subscribers using Google TV can simultaneously search for content across DISH Network, the Internet and their DVRs. Users can display online content related to television shows, movies, actors and more; and also hyperlink web content back to multichannel TV.

I would personally squeak with joy if I were able to bring up real time stats and commentary from the net while watching a football (soccer) game, or check out the possibilities of Google translate on foreign shows.  (Some of those Korean dramas are fantastic!)

Charlie Ergen, Chairman, President and CEO of DISH talked about the partnership between Google and the Cable television provider, calling GoogleTV "the next evolution in television,” going further to say “DISH Network customers will be able to enjoy the best of TV and the web in one platform using their existing HD DVR receivers and a Google TV device."

AND a device?  You mean I have to fit another box into my already cramped TV stand?  Have you guys seen how thick the Xbox 360, PS3 and most VHS (I’m not willing to part with the original cut of the Star Wars trilogy I have on VHS) players can be?

How Google TV Began

What started as a development that beta tested 400 users has since grown from the feedback of those dedicated testers.  This should come as no surprise to fans of Google, having seen the internal beta testing business model of theirs for years.  Google and DISH Network built the Google TV experience that seamlessly integrates traditional TV programming with rich web content.  

Where Google TV is Going

Sony just announced the launch of its own "Sony Internet TV," the first TV set to incorporate the "Google TV" platform.  "Sony Internet TV" is scheduled to first launch in the U.S. in the Fall of 2010, with the lineup featuring both a standalone TV model and set top box-type unit incorporating a Blu-ray Disc drive.

Google and DISH Network customers will have to wait until the fall for the full Google TV experience, but when it happens expect full integration of your DVR’s, HD ready or not… 

To learn more and find out where to sign up, visit www.dish.com/googleTV .