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Written by: Miguel Esquirol on Apr 4 2011, 9:24am

Wondershare DVD creator: Review

I've been testing different DVD creators programs and I finally had the chance to try Wondershare DVD creator, a simple way to create your own DVDs.

The main feature in many of the creators of the market is just the conversion option between the different video formats to DVD format, and a simple structure of the chapters and videos. Most of the DVD creators don't give many options for creating menus or adding other options for the presentation of the DVD. Wondershare definitely has a couple interesting things to offer.

Wondershare DVD Creator


The program is really easy to use, there's only three steps you need to follow:

  • Add Files
  • Choose a Template
  • Burn

You can define the screen format and the quality of the recording (there's no aspect ratio, just Best Performance, or High Quality).


Wondershare has many personalization options. You can choose any of the offered templates, and even download new ones from the Internet. You can choose your own background image or video, add text and add a clip of music to play when the DVD is active.

Wondershare for Mac

If the program was good for Windows, it becomes really awesome when you use a Mac. The Mac version has a few options that are not found on its Windows cousin.


The program has more personalization options, with Dynamic Templates and other elements to create your own template. You can add buttons, frames and text to your different menus. The down side is that elements you can add can't be modified and you can't add your own. Still, there are many options to choose, and many more menus to download.

Editing video

This is probably the most important difference between the two versions of this program. With the editing tool, you can do some basic editing to your videos:

  • Crop: You can crop the videos to remove black bars or to adapt to a different screen sizes.
  • Effect: You can add some edited effects (Black and White, sepia, negative, etc). And more useful, you can add deinterlacing to improve the quality of the recording. The only issue is that you are adding the effect to the whole movie, not just a segment.
  • Trim: Trimming the video is a really nice addition. Delete some scenes you don't like, for instance: the credits, or blank spaces on the recording.
  • Watermark: The option to add your own watermark to the image will be useful to amateur editors.
  • Rotate: This option is really useful if you recorded the scene with your camera in a vertical position, and you want to rotate the image to present it in a regular TV or in an iPhone.

The Windows version also allows you to combine pictures with videos, which is a nice option to create presentations.

Technical aspects

Wondershare DVD creator does a wonderful job accepting all kind of formats, and even edits HD video with the TS, TRP and TP formats. It can directly burn into a DVD or create an ISO image to burn later.


What I don't like about this program is exactly the reason why it's so easy to use. It doesn't give you many options to change the settings of the DVD, you can't change the aspect ratio or the audio format. The templates are a nice touch, and in general they are high quality, but it doesn't let you create your own templates, only slightly modify the ones they already have. You can't add images to complement the scenes and the only element you can modify is the text. In the Windows version you can't add buttons or change frames, and in the Mac version, even though you have many more elements to play with, they are still limited because the program doesn't let you add your own.

For advanced DVD options and professional finishing, the program lacks options like changing subtitles and audio or personalizing your own backgrounds. You can do it, but you have to modify the background image in Photoshop, and later add it as a single image for the background.


I also tried two open source programs: DVD Styler and DVD Flick. Both programs offer interesting elements that Wondershare doesn't haver. DVD Flick is fast and free, and DVD Styler let's you create really interesting layouts for your DVDs. Wondershare has more presentation options than DVD Flick, and is much faster and secure than DVD Flick. The Mac version also gives you basic editing capabilities and nice templates, that neither software offers.


I have never liked programs with only a few available options to modify settings, or the ones that work just with Templates. If personalization is what you want, this program will limit you somewhat (but you can do many things). In spite of this, this program has a lot to offer and it has one of the most important things that almost any other program lacks. Wondershare DVD creator is fast! Normally, recording videos is really a cumbersome process, so a program that help in that aspect has more than half of the game won. The price is not too high either.

To create DVD's in a simple fashion, this is a really nice option.

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