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Written by: Howard Little on Mar 22 2012, 8:02pm

Bookkeeper upgrades/enhancement for startups

Hello Avanquest CEO / Top Management / Staff,

I am a small start up business, trying to get going. 


1) Increase Password area (26 char.)

2) Accountant Name/Company has to have at least one char. in them each to exit.  I tried to remove my current accountants information and I had to have a lease one (1) letter in each slot.

      FIX: Software pops-in/displays (Your Accountants Name/ Your Accounts Company Name) in each respected slot.

3) On START UP, "Maintenance Do List" will display items that are at their need to be ordered level.   If the user clicks on this options to reorder.

  *ADD:  Then do current step of going into Inventory: Plus, have a Pop up window with a list of item(s) to order(at their minimum). REASON: So user does not have to hunt through a list to find those items.  Click a check box for each item(s) you want to order NOW, then click yes to start the process until done.  Once (completed/done) exit back to "Company Over View". 

4) (NEW) Work Flow:You have (<<<Previous    Next>>>) at the bottom.

   *ADD. These same commands (<<<Previous   Next>>>) for the Four (4) main area at the top of the Work Flow Window.  As a user this is just a waste of time going back to the top Command line to change between the 4 main area.

5) Zero Dollar ($00.00) Invoice.  I tried to send out some sample products with an Invoice, but had to charge $00.01 to get it to print.  This needs to be changed. And no, as a user of the software I do not always want to do a "Work Around".

6) Reports: I would like to know the total of "Sell For" of my Inventory.  There is a report but NO total at the bottom.

7) LOGO:The area size is weird.  My LOGO, a Printed Circuit Board is stretched across the top. I guess I need a better LOGO or work around.  Also ADD a view option at this location.  Its a pain to have to do a print out to look at it....Exp. (Inventory:Image)....EDIT (The current LOGO change is smaller).

8) Invoice Paid.."Paid" prints across my LOGO area. Dark Blue on Dark Green.  Drop down by 1 to 1 1/2 in.  

9) My business consist of Inventory and assemblies.  I've got to have an assemblies module added into the Inventory area of the software if I am to continue with this Package.  Again I've done a "Work Around" with creating "Estimates Invoices" to try and get this process to work.  I've been hoping sense my first copy of Bookkeeper in 2009 that it would have been added by the time I was ready to start selling my product.  With the survey last year having that request on there, I really had my hopes up.   I'm a programmer and know that it will involve a lot of work and code.  I happened upon a FULL version of Peachtree 2011 Complete at a Half Price Books here in Austin, TX. for $29.99(reg. $299.99) and it has that module in it and I can see that it would be a major task to take on.  But currently I feel that I've got to much Inventory data, time and effort in with Bookkeeper to have to switch now.  I've got to know if this module/routine will ever be added?

Things like this may seem small or a pain to deal with from your company point of view.  But as a small start up company we look for complete software package such as yours to do most of the grunt work for us and make things flow better.  I thought that putting out the Capital of $400.00 for Quick book's or other software was to much, but in hind sight I could have been wrong. There will always be bugs and fixes that need to be put in place and require valuable time, but package such as yours, should and have to expand for small companies such as myself trying to get started.  That's why we come back and do upgrades.

10) ADD:A true search routine "WITHIN" the Inventory window.  That little scroll thing was good the first year the program came out, but Please put a true search in this area (all near matches to what is typed in).  Like the one on the main screen.  Small Companies have even less time to bounce around the program hunting for routines that we need.

It hurts to see such a very very good program at a very GREAT price not go over the top because of small issues to the programmer/developer, but major flow issues to the user.  I hope they can see the users point of view.

I hope this is some insight into some of the things a user sees and wants in a package.  Bump the price by $30.00 and add two (2) users as STANDARD.  Any small company could use this and the price is still reasonable by any stretch.

This link is a review that I received from Sage Peachtree.  Look were you rank.


Hope to hear back



PS: EDITED my rant.... Tried to better explain some problem areas.  It was after a long day at my regular job.


Citizens Comments

Jason Aguiar says:

Hello Howard,


Thank you for your input and suggestions. I will make sure I pass this along to the development team.



Mar 27 2012, 11:10am | Report

bratny81 bratny811 says:

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Jun 4 2012, 5:27am | Report

Jason Aguiar says:

Hello Howard,



I will go ahead and pass these suggestions on to the developers for future consideration.




Jun 4 2012, 11:54am | Report

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